Ruby The Birthstone of July

Ruby The Birthstone of July

 July babies, this is your month

What are people born in July like?

People born in July are known for being polite and kind and always very understanding. They make great listeners and pay close attention to what others are saying. 
They always seem to pick up on others feelings which makes them extremely empathetic.
Having a sensitive nature themselves makes the care about what people think of them and can be cautious around people they don't know well.

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What is the birthstone for July?

Ruby is the birthstone for July and is a stone associated with passion and power, love and also fury. Ruby represents all of our most intense emotions.

The name Ruby stems from the Latin word Ruber  - which means red, the colour of passion.

Historically Rubies were cherished for their likeness to the redness of blood, believing that like the blood that flows through our veins, rubies hold the power of life.

Ruby brings strength, confidence and bolsters your will power. She's known to settle disagreements with one glance and banishes foolish behaviour.

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What is Ruby Stone?

Ruby comes from a mineral called corundum and get's its pinky-red colour from the presence of chromium, so so Rubies are actually Ruby Red Corundum.

Corundum is a mineral that produces sapphires of every colour. All of the other corundum colours are called sapphires. Depending on the iron content, a ruby can range from pinks and purples to orange and brownish reds.

The most desirable is deep blue-red which is referred to as “pigeon’s blood”.


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What are some interesting facts about Ruby?

Rubies are associated with power, passion and glamour, like fast red cars, red roses, red nails, and is there really anything as uplifting and energising as a red lipstick? Apart from a radiant piece of Ruby jewellery that is!

Ruby jewellery has always been a favourite gem for royalty all around the world. Historically they're a symbol of power and protection. 

In India, rubies were believed to help keep the peace with enemies. In the Bible, rubies are associated with wisdom and beauty. Burmese warriors believed wearing rubies made then unbeatable in combat. In medieval times Europeans alleged that rubies guaranteed them wisdom, wealth, health, and success in love.

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Are Rubies Good Luck?

A ruby is said to attract good luck, protect you from misfortune and shield against negative energy. The protective powers they hold extend to safeguarding family, home and possessions. 
Rubies help you achieve your dreams by releasing limitations and helping with focus. They provide clarity with an abundance of energy, courage and joy.

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