The 6 most powerful gemstones for women

The 6 Most Powerful Gemstones for Women

Here are 6 of the most powerful gemstones for women.

Gemstone energy can help amplify your personal power and support you in achieving your goals. Have you ever thought about which gemstones are the most powerful for women? International Women's Day got me thinking about it and I’ve put together a list of the top 6 crystals for women’s spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.

These gemstones are the most effective and powerful for all women, feeling a bit meh? Get these gemstones on! Whether you’re looking to increase your happiness, reignite your passion, relieve stress, become more emotionally balanced or whatever it is that you’re looking for to put more oomph in your life.

While gemstones can help everyone, this list is specifically focusing on the best ones for women, we want to shine light onto you and help by providing some guidance from our personal experiences using these amazing crystals.


For all of you who want a bit more love in your life, look no further than the beautiful gemstone rose quartz. The unique properties of rose quartz make it such an important stone especially when we need help soothing our souls after tough times or just seeking comfort during difficult moments.

This stone has been around since ancient times and the gentle pink essence brings out compassion within us while also bringing unconditional love into our lives whether we deserve it or not! Rose Quartz speaks to the heart. It has a gentle pink energy that comforts and heals emotional wounds with its unconditional love for all people.

With its soothing tone, this crystal brings a sense of peace and comfort to the heart. It amplifies compassion which can heal emotional wounds because it speaks directly with our most vulnerable part, our soul. The effects don't stop there! With an increase in love throughout your whole body you'll find yourself feeling lighter and happier.


Citrine Utopia Ring

It's hard to pinpoint the perfect stone for everyone, but I think Citrine might be close! It stimulates all your chakras like sunlight on a spring day. The warmth of this crystal clears away any negativity or obstacles in life while also giving you clarity about what comes next, making anything possible with these powerful energies.

Citrine is a stone of manifestation and imagination. It awakens creativity and helps you make those dreams come true, it not only promotes solutions, but also helps to understand and deal with people around us. It's excellent for interpersonal relationships - one of the best crystals out there if you're female! Wearing citrine will attract love & happiness while guarding against anyone who might break your heart.

This sunny gem soothes worries during times when it seems like everyone is full of their own sadness or anger, brings joy after experiencing a deep loss and makes tough decisions easier because clear thinking becomes more balanced.

Citrine is a powerful crystal that helps you overcome depression by releasing anger and negative feelings. It also reduces the sensitivity to criticism, which in turn inspires creativity and self-expression, with this comes an increased sense of joy for life allowing you to move forward optimistically without being held back due to past regrets or sadness over lost opportunities.

For centuries citrine has been used for healing, it assists with your menstrual cycle and menopause as well as depression and self-esteem issues by giving you an energy boost.
Ancient folklore even says citrine makes you more intelligent and wearing it makes your skin clearer and more radiant. 



 Garnet - Desiderate - Mahtava

Garnet is an excellent gemstone to wear when you want a reality check, it can help with worry, panic attacks and fear while maintaining calmness in your mind because of its constant connection to the present moment.

This amazing crystal helps you see the truth about how you want to live your life! It helps you see a realistic version of what’s happening and gives an understanding that there's always someone supporting you no matter what happens.

This deep red stone can help with all sorts of health issues, it helps you get your mojo back after an injury or surgery by helping with recuperation and has been used for centuries to promote fertility and passion. This powerful protective gem helps to boost your emotional stability and brings a sense of security and stability.

The energy of this gemstone strengthen your physical love life as well. It increases willpower and resistance against all things negative, making it perfect for anyone seeking protection during their journey through life or looking into new relationships with other people!

Garnet acts as a ‘luck-ener’ - it makes you lucky for love, success and even financial gain by keeping you balanced, confident and protected. It's no surprise why these beautiful gemstones are so popular among women, always bringing out the best traits within us humans. It’s even said to discourage sexism in the workplace.



Amethyst - Desiderate

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual happiness and contentment, known for its ability to still your mind. Its high frequency resonates with purity in any negative energy or attachments you might have, cleaning them up while creating an armor that protects you against outside influences and keeps you centred no matter where life takes you!

This gemstone helps you reach your highest potential and achieve wisdom. It's helpful if you’re grieving and brings comfort in times when you need it most. The presence and guidance it provides is comforting as its clears sad energies and helps you make sense of the world. At a time when there seems like there’s nothing left, it brings peace and acceptance that it’s OK not to be OK and reminds us that eventually we will be released from sorrow.

This wonderful crystal for women is especially supportive of your emotions. It eases the stress when you’re overworked and have too much on your plate or just feel plain worn out and calms down any hot headedness making it easy to deal with things that make you angry.



Onyx - Desiderate

Onyx is a powerful stone that grounds and stabilizes you emotionally by bringing strength in difficult or confusing circumstances, during times of mental stress, such as when you’re really frightened about something. It calms your nerves and anxieties by brining focus and confidence. Wearing Onyx gives you the ability to be able to see yourself through clear eyes, not just someone else's expectations but your own reality.

I’ve always been a fan of onyx, it's one of the strongest crystals for women, it helps rejuvenate and get you back on your feet after an illness, a long work project or anything that has worn you down. It also helps with weight loss as it allows you to stay vital and energetic.

Wearing onyx keeps you protected by keeping your senses and instincts sharp, whether you’re out alone or in a dangerous situation or dealing with fears. It helps to deflect both your and other people's negative thoughts or criticism, making it difficult for anyone trying to manipulate you in any situation.

Historic beliefs say that onyx was placed on the stomachs of women in labour to reduce their pain. Modernly, we know this crystal has high energy and stamina- making it ideal for professional or health focused ladies! It also helps promote discipline which will be helpful when you're trying something new like losing weight...or any other goal really.



Moonstone - Desiderate

Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings, carrying the energy that will help you achieve your goals. It supports your intuition, emotional balance and helps with any sleep problems.

The stone of feminine intuition, it’s ideal for women, helping us to understand ourselves and where we fit in the world. It brings happiness by enhancing compassion & bringing peace. Moonstone is a stone of pure insight. Wearing it enhances your empathy and kindness, makes you more sensitive to other people's feelings as well as your own. Moonstone reveals your feminine power and abilities that you may not be aware of.

It’s the perfect stone to heal and control your emotions. It’s been used since ancient times as a healing aid, assisting with emotional balance.

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