Try on our jewellery virtually and be in the chance to win a $100 gift voucher !

Virtual Jewellery Try On | Win a $100 Gift Card

Check out our new jewellery virtual try-on tool and enter the draw to win a $100 gift voucher! 

We are super excited about the rollout of our new jewellery virtual try on tool. 

Just quietly, we think we are the first Australian jewellery retailer to feature this technology on our website. (We were never first in anything back in high school so it’s a big deal for us!) 

In case you missed it, the virtual try on tool is the next best thing to trying on our jewellery in person. 

And to celebrate the rollout of our technology 

across the Desiderate product range, 

we’re giving you the chance to win a $100 gift voucher every month. 

It’s super easy and fun to enter. 

How to be in the chance to win 

Step one: Simply use our virtual try-on tool on your smartphone

Step two: Capture a picture of your favourite Desiderate pieces 

Step three: Share your photos on Instagram or Facebook (as a story, or a post) 

Step four: Tag us @desiderate_ on Instagram or @desiderate1 on Facebook and use the special hashtag #vto

Every time you share a photo and tag us, you’ll go into the monthly draw to win a $100 gift voucher. Enter as many times as you like to increase your chances of winning. 

We will share selected entries on our Instagram stories to our army of followers, so it’s a good way to showcase your Insta or Facebook page to our audience too! 

How the virtual-try on tool works

If you haven’t had a chance to play with our virtual try on tool, what are you waiting for? 

All you need is a smartphone and a camera and you’re set. 

No need to download extra apps - it’s all built into the website. So easy! 

Top tip: the technology works best on smartphones or tablets - it's a bit tricker on a desktop.

Simply browse our range and look for the blue ‘Try Me On’ button. 

Virtual Try On | Desiderate

Follow the prompts to take a photo of yourself featuring the jewellery. 

Twelve reasons you’re going to love this tool 

  1. You can try on as many items as you wish — all while sipping a glass of wine in your pyjamas on a Friday night 
  2. You can see exactly how a ring will fit on your finger, or earrings will look on your ears — no more guesswork
  3. It’s super easy and fun to use (try it with your little kids, they will love it)
  4. You can get an idea of the exact dimensions of jewellery: how big the ring is on your finger or how low the pendant will sit on your neckline, etc
  5. You can see how the coloured gemstones will match your favourite outfit
  6. Not sure of colours with your complexion? Now you can see how the jewellery will look on your skin tone and hair colour 
  7. You  see how the rings will look next to your wedding band or other signature pieces you already own (just wear them in the photo) 
  8. You can see how your bangles, bracelets or pendants will stack up together 
  9. You can see how the earrings will work alongside your extra piercings too 
  10. With rings, you can experiment with trying it on different fingers, to help you choose which finger you’ll wear it on
  11. It helps you decide if you can’t choose between two or three favourites 
  12. You have the chance to win $100 just for sharing a photo — no purchase necessary 

We are rolling out the tool across our entire range

We’ve already added it to lots of products and our tech team (okay, it’s one person, Aaron) is busy getting more and more products added to the tool every week. 

Ready to have a play and try on your favourite things? 

Click this link to see all the products that have the virtual try-on ready to go. 

Or search for the tag virtual try on in our search bar. 

And have fun! 

Got more FAQ about our virtual try on tool? 

Check out the virtual try on tool page for more detailed descriptions on how it works.

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