What are Baroque Pearls?

The perfectly imperfect Baroque Pearl is both boho and elegant, classic and modern, casual and formal.

A breathtaking contradiction of natural beauty, all unique in colour and shape and irregularly beautiful.

Each of these remarkable natural gems is a delicate treasure which has been sculpted by nature.

Baroque Pearls are fascinating natural gems that are freeform shapes, no two can ever be identical.

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What do Baroque Pearls look like

They are natural pearls which unlike the perfectly rounded more traditional style, have formed in irregular shapes with uneven surfaces, they shimmer and shine as the light catches the dented and lustrous surface.

Rather than these imperfections being seen as flaws, it's those remarkle differences in colour, shape and size that add to the mysterious allure of Baroque Pearls. 

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What shapes do Baroque Pearls come in?

The beauty of Baroque Pearls is in the gorgeous non-traditional appearance, they're bold and modern and stand out from the crowd.

Although the shapes of Baroque Pearls can vary elaborately from gem to gem there are a few shapes which have become very popular for modern jewellery that has a nod to classic quality, but is unconventional.

The coin shape is essentially flat and rounded, like a misformed coin. The Keshi is elongated and generally quite rough on the surface and the drop shape is like an asymetrical tear drop.

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Why are Baroque Pearls sought after?

Baroque Pearls ooze style and class with an organic edgeThe perfect choice for women who like something bold, a bit different, something demanding attention.

But not in a gaudy "Look at me, look at me" kind of way.

More in an "I'm confident, stylish and entirely my own person", they say "I appreciate style and love to add my twist to fashion.

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Where to buy Baroque Pearls?

Desiderate Jewellery has a collection of Baroque Beauty designs.



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