What are Herkimer Diamonds

What are Herkimer Diamonds


If diamonds are a girls best friend the Herkimer Diamonds are a free spirited womans very best friend. These 'Diamonds' have mesmerised me since I was first introduced to them. 

A Herkimer diamond is not only beautiful it's a powerful healing crystal which gives clarity and peace.

Herkimer Diamonds aren't actually diamonds in the traditional sense, they are double-terminated quartz crystals found in Herkimer County, USA. The clear crystals are found in the rock  and have unusual shapes, with some sharp edges and some parts of them have diamond type es shapes making up part of them. They're ethically mined and can be up to 500 million years old.

But I'm often asked 'what are Herkimer Diamonds?

While they're not actually traditional diamonds, the Herkimer "Diamond" is a type of high-vibrational, exceptionally clear form of Quartz that attunes you to your soul's purpose, environment and energy of others.

Herkimer Diamonds bring balance and clarity along with rustic charm. These glistening stones come from nature as they are, raw, uncut and unpolished. Although they are often clear they also contain inclusions mof carbon giving them interesting colouring patterns within.

They naturally have a diamond-like geometrical shape, an organic, uncut and unpolished look that resembles diamond shapes and are close to five hundred million years old.

These fascinating gems have interesting inclusions which make every piece unique ensuring boho babes have a truly unique piece of jewellery making it even more special.

The pieces we make with lots of dark inclusions are in our 'Starry Nights' collection and perfect for black diamond lovers.

So, what is a Herkimer Diamond? A perfect piece of Boho Bling for women who love modern bohemian style, are their own person and have a free spirit.


Desiderate have some incredibly beautiful Herkimer Diamond jewellery and more pieces are always being made, so click any of the images to see more details.



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  • Lydia

    Thankyou! Wonderful information and I am now a firm fan of your beautiful Herkimer Diamonds. I have the Peace Withing Cluster and The Boho Bling ring and am adding the studs to my collection today.

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