Happy Birthday to my beautifully intense Scorpio’s out there!  I give you permission dear ones to come out from your secure underworld where you often feel safe to celebrate and shine for all but a moment. I will not keep you long I promise and then you can slink back to the shadows where you prefer to be. 

I must say, I ADORE Scorpio’s – it is one sign I truly do love, even though I am a Gemini.  You see in Astrology, Water and Air elements are not always compatible so perhaps it is because we share the title of the most revered and sometimes hated sign of the Zodiac. How flattering I say that people put so much energy into us, so fear not dear Scorpio.  You are just misunderstood.  However, you are indeed a force to be reckoned with and I am more than happy to tango with you anytime.  So, let us begin….


In traditional Astrology Scorpio was once ruled by the God of War – Mars!  A powerful planet that brings action, energy and drive.  Fast forward to the 20th Century to when a lil’ ole planet called Pluto was discovered.  Little is probably not the right word to use when describing Pluto – how about powerful, intense, strong, transformative - God of the Underworld! All words to describe just how Scorpio likes to move in the world, usually beneath the surface where you can hide.  

Private and secure where no one can penetrate your deep, dark secrets.  Anything intriguing and dark like the occult, death or tarot holds interest for you and of course the Tarot card representing Scorpio must be the 13th card titled none other than Death!  Many fear this card, believing physical death is imminent.  Quite the opposite.  Yes, there is death but a metaphorical one in the way of transformation and being reborn.  Death of what you once knew for a birth of something new to take its place.  It is forced change, something Scorpio’s don’t often like as you are a Fixed sign meaning you can be stuck in your ways, stubborn and hold a steadfast passion for what you believe in which is usually others and the truth – you’ll fight passionately for those you love and want to protect to the death because that is a place you will not fear when the time comes. 


Are Scorpio's self destructive?

Scorpio’s are said to go through three transformations in their lifetime.  The Scorpion – where you would rather sting yourself to death than forgo the pleasure of the sting.  In other words sometimes dear Scorpio you are stuck in a world of self-destructive behaviour and it can be hard for you to release from until you learn you don’t always have to control others to get what you want. From that moment of realisation, you are then transformed into the Eagle, soaring high above using your power in a creative, non controlling way.  You are then ready for transcendence into the final stage of becoming the Phoenix.  As the saying goes ‘You rise like a Phoenix from the ashes’ knowing you have come full circle in your emotional maturity and use your powers to now help and transform others. That is your goal and purpose in life my beautiful Scorpio’s and once you have mastered your self-control you are then able to support others.  


Well yes, they can be, 100%.  You can spot a Scorpio a mile off.  They have this beautifully intense aura that is magnetic and powerful to those around them.  Their eyes are especially dark - piercing and powerful, and it feels like they can see right through to your soul.  Their intuition and perception are usually spot on, trusting their gut when assessing a new person who would like to penetrate the invisible protective aura they put around themselves.  A task that can be hard for some, due to Scorpio’s inability to trust easily.  They often err on the side of dark more than light, preferring to hide their true feelings until they can completely and utterly trust the person they wish to engage with. 


Are Scorpio's nasty?

Scorpio’s are notorious for having the ‘Scorpio sting’.  Got a secret you need to tell someone?  Tell a Scorpio.  It will never, ever be revealed.  Careful though if you break a Scorpio’s trust or reveal their secret.  Once gone you will never get it back. Ever.  And I can guarantee you that.  They will never see you in the same light ever again and you will forever remain tainted or spoilt in their eyes.  If a Scorpio does not like you, you will know and yes, their sting will come out.  They can be intimidating to those who cannot handle the intensity they bring and can border on being cruel to show just how much their sting can hurt if you do cross them.  Scorpio’s will to see through you into reality and will not stand for your drama or lies. 

Scorpio’s are however also incredibly kind, beautifully sensitive and loving individuals.  They are protective, brave, loyal, committed and so incredibly determined.  Sometimes they come across as quiet, however you will always feel their presence.   


Are Scorpio's sexy?

Scorpio’s have the reputation of being highly, ahem, sexually evolved shall we say… Sex or physical pleasure is more about reaching the end of yet another transcendental journey for them.  It is the final act of feeling completely transformed through the fusion of two souls and bodies coming together as one. Scorpio obviously rules the genitals, but as Scorpio metaphorically feels the need to purge, it is only fair they also rule any area of the body where waste can be expelled from.  Charming?  Not quite.  Intense and extreme?  Hell yes. Just like a Scorpio.  


Are Scorpio's loyal?

Scorpio’s will fight for you, tooth and nail and are extremely loyal to those they love.  They are passionate and love hard.  They will never back away from a challenge, never giving in and persevering.  They also have the uncanny ability to get to the truth of the matter, no matter how deep they must go to get it, usually by the powers of their acute intuition. They can be obsessive, possessive and are the jealous type, always wanting to control.  This is an area that requires attention if they are to find balance in partnership.  But alas, it all comes down to trust and if they do not establish that with you, forget it….


What career suits a Scorpio?

The best careers for a Scorpio would obviously be where they can unearth the truths and dig deep to solve problems like law enforcement.  Think Police, Espionage, Spies, Detectives and Undercover Agents. Mining is also a well-suited career as they just feel at home ‘below the surface’.  Mortuary work appeals to their dark side and their sometimes-morbid infatuation with death.  They would not be fazed working in a Cemetery or Funeral Home.  A lot of Politicians are Scorpio’s along with Research Scientists, those who love to work the Stock Market and not surprisingly Psychics.


The gemstone that is befitting for our intriguing Scorpio’s must be the Topaz.  It is believed this powerful gemstone can conduct the energies of their ruling planet Pluto and provide an intense energy only they can feel and absorb.  

This assists with constancy, loyalty, faithfulness, and friendship to strengthen, release tension and balance emotions. Topaz is believed to also have effective healing properties for sanity, asthma, gout, blood disorders, tuberculosis and insomnia – all so very Scorpio wouldn’t you say? 


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