The calendar turning over into a new year is nothing magical. Change doesn't happen instantly. There's no fairy dust and no automatic new beginnings.

There is something though. Something inspiring. The opportunities and the possibilities and newness that we associate with a brand new year are incredibly exciting. We see it as a chance to start over. To do something that you have always wanted to do. To embark on a challenge.

Yes, plenty of people make New Year resolutions and don't stick with them. I get it, I may have done that myself. I do believe though that there is something special about saying those things out loud and at least making an effort to do something different and new.

Is there anything wrong with looking at the new year as a brand new clean slate? It's your choice. Do you have goals to set? Are you ready to face those things you've put aside for so long? Yes. No. Maybe? It's up to you.

What's wrong with seeing the new year as a clean slate?

Maybe it's about taking more time for yourself. To relax more. To take more time off work. Taking the time to volunteer or help others. Maybe it's eating healthier. Losing weight. Finacial freedom or even reading more books? Maybe it's about spending more time with people and less time watching TV.

Utimately when we want to change things we start looking inside ourselves. Things really change though when we start looking outside ourselves.

These are some of my favourite Meaningful Sones and Crystals for Healing.

Herkimer Diamonds will bring you energy and healing.

Turquoise will help you with friendships and to communicate truthfully.

Onyx helps you let go of negativity.

Rose Quartz cultivates unconditional love.

Citrine brings abundance.

Amethyst will relieve stress.

Moonstone attracts new opportunities.

Ruby brings passion to any situation.

Here's to a Happy New Year. A year filled with love. A year that makes you happy.











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