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Citrine the Birthstone for November

What is Citrine?

Citrine is a popular type of crystal that is known for her properties of abundance, prosperity, and positivity. The name comes from from the French word citron, which means lemon. Like these citrus fruits, citrine comes in many different shades of yellow and orange. As it's a natural stone, colour and inclusions may vary from piece to piece – but this will make your citrine crystal all the more unique and special, which is why it’s loved by so many!

She's the birthstone of November and is sometimes known as ‘the stone of happiness.’

Citrine is associated with positivity and optimism, which is not surprising given its cheerful bright and sunny colour. Wearing it can bring on feelings of success and joy, and it really does have a unique energy about it. We love its radiant colour and shine!

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Can I wear it if November is not my birth month?

Of course! It may be November’s birthstone, but Citrine is a favourite amongst jewellery lovers everywhere – it’s hard not to love with its gorgeous yellow tones and vibrant aura.

Citrine’s joyful yellow hues will brighten up anyone’s mood – and you don’t have to be born in November to enjoy these beautiful gems. Treat yourself or someone you love, with a bit of sunshine in your jewellery!  

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Interesting facts about Citrine:

  • Citrine is known as a “good energy” birthstone, as it is said to promote positivity and good fortune.
  • It has been called by many the “success stone”, as those born in November are destined for success. Chinese emperors would often wear citrine jewellery because it was believed that it would increase the intellect and broaden the mind.
  • Citrine is used to combat negative energy – so if you’re feeling down or unhappy, citrine may help to ward off the negative and focus on the positive.
  • Citrine is the 13th anniversary gemstone.
  • It is a member of the quartz family, the second most abundant mineral found on earth!

Why choose Citrine?

Whether you love it for the colour and vibrance of the stone, or because it calls to you as a November birthday-babe, Citrine is a beautiful choice.

It can be cut into many classic cuts and looks especially beautiful as larger statement pieces. 

Wearing a piece made from Citrine is a lovely way to keep the stone’s bright and sunny energy with you throughout your day. To tap into its full potential, you can set an intention for how you’d like it to support you – and if you think about this every time you wear it, that positivity might just rub off on you!

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What matches with Citrine?

Citrine suits silver jewellery beautifully, which works well with our stunning range of carefully crafted pieces. All brightly coloured gems make for a striking fashion centrepiece, and citrine pieces are no exception. This shade adds brilliance and elegance to any outfit!

As citrine comes in varying shades, it’s important to look at the tones that will match it the best, both with other gemstone pieces and with articles of clothing. Citrine goes especially well with shades of blue and purple.

Don’t be scared to add a bit of yellow to your wardrobe, no matter what your base pieces are. Citrine jewellery comes in a variety of tones that can also suit neutrals. You really can wear it with just about anything and still shine!

How do I wear and store my Citrine Jewellery?

Citrine gemstones are ideal for wearing daily.

While they are strong enough to withstand daily wear, it is important to take care and avoid sharp blows to the stone. When not in use, your jewellery should be stored carefully to avoid contact with other hard materials which could break, chip, or scratch the gem.

We recommend storing your citrine pieces in one of our beautiful Desiderate Jewellery Boxes.

To keep your citrine jewellery clean, remove your pieces before applying lotion or creams or while using cleaning products. You can clean your pieces using mild dish soap in water or a polishing cloth.

In summary, citrine pieces will:

  1. Look incredible on all skin tones.
  2. Help you manifest feelings of positivity and success.
  3. Always be a talking point – it’s impossible not to be captivated by their bright, radiant beauty!

Are you ready to take some Citrine pieces home with you today?

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Citrine is so vibrant; it looks stunning in most jewellery designs.

Grab yourself a pair of citrine earrings – they’ll catch the sun’s rays and brighten up any gloomy day! Try a vibrant citrine necklace, to really harness its energy and positivity! Or wear a unique citrine ring, to showcase all things power and abundance.

Whatever piece you choose, you’ll be sure to turn heads with this radiant stone!


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