What is Larimar?

What is Larimar?


Larimar is a result of volcanic activity that occurred millions of years ago. Each stone is totally unique with a different variation of the colours of the ocean. The beautiful tones of blues from light to deep and green, along with white and sandy colours, ensure that every piece is a beautiful one-of-a-kind beauty.
This soothing stone radiates serenity and relaxation, the colours resemble the sunlight dancing on the clear blue water and dolphins playing in the gentle swells. It’s the embodiment of the ocean.

 Above all, this calming crystal carries a strongly believed energetic connection to dolphins and the sea. And with that, Larimar reminds us to embrace change and go with the flow. The qualities of Larimar help to cool hot tempers, relieve stress, calm fears and bring wisdom to guide you into making good decisions.

Creativity and honest communication flow easily when you're wearing Larimar jewellery. 


What are Larimar's Powers?

Wearing Larimar can make it easier to overcome feelings of anxiety and to develop a sensitivity that assists in seeing the truth of situations and people. 
 Larimar in pregnancy

Does Larimar help with Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

The feminine energy helps with pregnancy, childbirth and post partum and for those of you interested … It help minimise hot flushes! 
Now there’s a good reason for you to buy that Larimar Pendant!

Larimar helps to keep the mind and body calm and stress free during pregnancy when the changes can be stressful. Physically said to lower blood pressure and relieve congestion which is often a problem during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding can benefit from wearing Larimar as the calming qualities help you to relax and makes it easier for the body to produce milk and for the baby to feed easily and happily.

Larimar ring

Does Larimar help with stress?

By helping to get in touch with your emotions in a calm and balanced way, Larimar keeps you calm, grounded and fills you with love and sunshine. She can help you to brush off feelings of hurt and sadness and the pain associated with loss, depression, sadness and everyday stress. By bringing tranquility this soothing stone helps to settle anxiety and self doubt.
This calmness and inner peace also helps with overcoming fear, phobias and anger, by keeping you calm and relaxed things become clearer and more in perspective when stressing out.



Is Larimar rare? 

In addition to the peaceful soothing blue tones, mottled with white and sometimes flecked with deeper green and sandy variations, the scarcity of Larimar makes it an extremely rare gemstone.

It's only found in a tiny one square kilometre area of relatively inaccessible land high in the mountains above the sea in the Dominican Republic of the Caribbean.

When was  Larimar discovered?

The legend is that pieces of Larimar were first discovered washed up on the beach in 1916 and then forgotten about until the source was discovered in 1974 by a local Dominican who named it after his daughter Larissa. He combined the first three letters of her name ‘LAR’ with ‘MAR’ which is the Spanish word for ‘sea’. 

Larimar Pendant | Desiderate 


What else is Larimar called? 

With the colours of Larimar resembling the tranquil sea it’s not surprising that that it’s also dubbed Dolphin Stone and Atlantis Stone. Larimar is also called Stefilia’s Stone which is a Spanish name meaning intuition, generosity, romance, wisdom and creativity.

Larimar jewellery | Triolgy Collection | Desiderate

How to look after your Larimar Jewellery 

Being a soft stone, Larimar can scratch so take care when wearing it. Bright sunlight can fade the colours in Larimar, so tuck your pendant under your clothes if you’re in bright sunshine for a long time and store it in a cool shady place (like the pouch your Desiderate Jewellery comes in).

Don't wear it in salt water or in chlorine pools and take your Larimar jewellery off before doing your housework or gardening, also don't directly expose it to perfume or body lotions. Clean the stone with a little warm water and a soft brush and use a silver polishing cloth on the silver part of your Larimar Jewellery.



What is Lovely Larimar? The charming crystal with the soul of the sea is something every woman wants in her collection.


Not only a piece to buy for yourself, it is a perfect gift for any woman, from a teenager who is developing her self-esteem to a loved one who’s pregnant or has children or going through menopause.

 Larimar ring - silver

Being such a rare stone and only being available from one location means that quantities of Larimar available are diminishing. As it becomes harder to get hold of the value increases. Once it’s gone … it’s gone. 


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