What is Mabe?

What is Mabe?

Mabe are blister pearls...
What is that?  Well, instead of growing inside the centre of the oyster like other pearls do, mabe pearl grow against the inside of the mollusck shell.
Because of the way they grow they are flat one side with pearl bubbles on the top. The patterns, textures and colours vary and are unique to every single piece of mabe pearl.
The difference in the colours formed is quite amazing and spans from white to pink and even bluish tones. The unique nacre of the Mabe Oyster allows for hues that are quite brilliant! The rarest colour of all is pink with gold swirls, yes, really!
Hmm, what's nacre? The nacre is the coating the oyster makes which builds the pearl, creates the shiny stuff and lustre.
The texture and colours combined with the rareness of the lustre in the Mabe Pearls is what makes them so valuable.
For those of you who like the formal names, the Mabe Pearl Oyster is also referred to as the Penguin Wing Oyster or Pteria Penguin and is used as the mother shell to create these amazing gems. 
The beginning of these rare gems is against the side of the shell and the oyster deposits nacre over them and that's how the bubbles and pearls are formed.
Depending on the size it can take from 2 - 6 six years for these to form.

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  • Tania

    That is really interesting, I had seen it and didn’t know what it was. By the way love your jewellery! So many original things.

  • Vanita Odhavji Hutchinson

    Amazing! Thanks for letting us know about it. I had no idea. Nature is amazing. I’ll definitely check out your range!! It’s beautiful

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