What is the Birthstone For February?

What is the Birthstone For February?


PURPLE .. it's a really nice word to say, isn't it? Try it like a 'purrrrr' and then a strong 'p' and let the 'le' roll off your tongue. It's a fun word to say, isn't it? February's birthstone always put's a smile on my face.

And purple Amethyst is the birthstone for February, so if you're a February babe or looking to buy a gift? Amethyst is it! 

It's not only the February girls who can enjoy Amethyst jewellery and enjoy the qualities it brings...

With the qualities of stability, peace and courage it's a perfect gem for this time of the year now that the busy season is settling down.

Amethysts occur in different shades from deep dark purple to pale lilac hues. Although Amethyst stones are all similar, every single on is absolutely uniquely beautiful.

No wonder it's one of the most popular gemstones for jewellery lovers, the rich royal tones conjour up thoughts of luxury, but that's not the only reason to wear it!

Amethyst is known for the qualities of protection and strength, the way it harnesses energy is a good reason to wear it all the time. It protects you or your loved ones when travelling, even on daily commutes.

Did you know that Amethyst Jewellery will help you clarify thoughts and make it easy to find solutions in difficult situations?

It encourages clear thinking and allows you to make decisions without emotions fogging your thoughts and encourages the skills to overcome difficult emotional situations with clarity.


Amethyst jewellery has been discovered from way back in 2000 BC. Over the years it's been linked to varied myths, religions, cultures and legends.

The ancient Greeks believed that the deep purple colour was that of grapes and so began the association with the wine god, Bacchus. The belief is that wearing amethyst prevents drunkeness, keeping you quick witted and clear headed. The name Amethyst originates from the word amethystos which literally means 'not drunk'.

What does Amethyst Help With?

Known as the sobriety stone it will help with addictive issues and bring inner strength and emotional stability.

By instilling the ability to make clear decisions not diffused by emotion it creates emotional strength and stability. It will help you through difficult situations you face and help that process to be as effortless as possible.

It's an energising healer both physically and emotionally and will help with health conditions by building your immune system helping with a speedy recovery every time.

It will help to strengthen the areas of yourself not functioning optimally.


The February birthstone is a complex colourful gem that is as beautiful to wear as it is for your well being, and is really as valuable to your well being now as it was centuries ago.

We have so many incredible pieces and love the collections of Amethyst we have for you to choose from. Not only does it look gorgeous it also brings incredible qualities to help with everyday life.


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  • Edilina Noble

    I love amathyst not because I was born February but the colour of it. I already collect some earings and pendant and still looking forward to some beautiful and unique style like you showed. 😍

  • Tracey Brown

    Wow I love all of the Amethyst pieces they are just beautiful I especially love the ring, you have amazing jewellery.

  • Belinda

    Behold the mighty Amethyst What a lovely present for someone born in February xx

  • Melissa

    I absolutely love Amethyst, always have. It is not my birthstone but I love purple and find it goes so well with just about anything.

    Your jewellery is so stunning, looking forward to getting my order.

  • JaQ

    Beautiful things at great prices

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