What choosing silver jewellery says about your personality

What choosing silver jewellery says about your personality

Shiny sterling silver, is there really anything like it? Over the years it has become much more popular than gold for a combination of reasons, like price, value and it’s flattering to all skin tones.

Sterling silver jewellery keeps your style fresh and modern, it doesn’t make you look old, which too much gold jewellery can do.

Jewellery lasts longer than fashion trends so you put a bit more commitment into choosing the jewellery you love. You might wear a clothing trend for one season and forget about it, but choosing jewellery reveals more of your inner personality.

You might wear both gold and silver but if you find yourself choosing silver jewellery more often it reveals that you’re an individual thinker, you follow your own heart, your own passions and have your own unique style.

Beautiful strong women have adorned their bodies by choosing silver jewellery for centuries, in every culture from native tribes to Hollywood celebrities. Oprah, Angelina Jolie, J Lo and Victoria Beckham all choose to wear silver jewellery.

Choosing silver jewellery indicates that you’re not the type of person who will waste their hard earned dollars to please other people and that you don’t feel the need to brag about what you have.

You’re self confident, independent and appreciate natural beauty. Choosing silver jewellery reflects your youthful, playful personality and tells the world that you’re stylish, fun and unique.


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    Absolute beautie there amazing fast delivery all you could ask for xxx

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    This makes so much sense to me, it describes me accurately an I love Desiderate Jewellery

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