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Why Shop Online?


Freedom Day is upon us which means face to face shopping is back open to the vaccinated public however there is still immense trepidation when venturing back out into the jungle.  We’ve gotten used to the safety of being at home, in our little ‘bubbles’ so to speak and as such people are experiencing post lockdown anxiety about being let back out in the wild. 


I know personally for me during lockdown, my shopping ‘increased’ shall we say and I actually posted a picture to my Socials showing just how much I had bought during those long months.  The amount of delivery boxes I had accumulated during lockdown was astonishing!  It was meant to be a tongue- in-cheek parody, making fun of my online shopping addiction during those tough times, however it soon became a talking point from different friends saying how much they could relate and how they too had enjoyed shopping from home.


What started as one little picture turned into a thread that garnered comparison pictures and comments of “OMG I’m the same!” or “This could actually be a picture of my home”.  It seems I wasn’t the only one with a fast-developing online shopping habit and it made me think – is it such a bad thing?  Is it a better way to shop? Let’s take a look…

 Is it safe to go to shopping centres?

We know that being immunised is by far one of the best ways to keep protected however no one is 100% immune from Covid and avoiding crowded areas and shopping centres is a smart way to really minimise the risk.  Whilst reading some recent news articles and blogs there seems to be a common theme - and that is people really are concerned about venturing to shopping centres again and developing a type of ‘post lockdown anxiety’.  I can totally understand this.  It was nice to not have some of the stresses that comes with shopping in a bricks and mortar type establishment and going back to that may seem fun for the first week but as life returns to ‘normal’ is it going to once again prove to be a pain in the proverbial? 

 What are the disadvantages of shopping instore?

One of the most obvious things to point out is that the silly season is also fast approaching, and we know what that means…crowds, more crowds and loads more shopping stress, something we haven’t been exposed to in a while.  The masses will only increase the more confident people feel about Freedom Day onwards.  Arguments over car spots, dragging tired children to different stores, trying to race around the shops after being in the office all day, having to pay for parking, not knowing if stock is available, forgetting where you parked your car – it all adds up to those annoying, frustrating and pointless trips. It can also cost you more money as well due to ‘passive’ buying.  That’s when you go to the shops for 1 item and come back with 36 items you really didn’t need at all, but the temptation combined with targeted and intelligent marketing and advertising strategies sucks you in every time…we’ve all been there!

 What are the benefits of shopping online?

Online shopping is proving to be the preferred choice for most because it eliminates all the above and really does negate the risk. There is no need to wear a mask – we all can’t wait till we can show off our newest lipstick or gloss but until we are totally mask free this is not going to happen unfortunately for a little bit longer. 

It is stress free – You are not pressured, you can take your time and really think about what it is you need. If you need to take a break from the screen you can save your cart without losing anything and come back to it later on.  You can do it in your PJ’s drinking a glass of wine – do we need to expand on this?  No we do not.

Messy hair don’t care – Murphy’s Law states that when we are looking like a runway model we run into NO ONE.  However, when we decide that one stupid time to venture out looking like a troll you can bet your money that we run into everyone we know!  Shopping online at home means you’ll never have to worry if you need to wear your good Uggs out in public or keep the comfy old ones on.

No cash on hand?  No problem.  I’m sure we have all memorised our Visa card numbers now and usually our browser safely stores them for repeat purchases.  See?  You don’t even have to think about payment.  Just click and close. No rummaging for the wallet in the old handbag or doing the walk of shame if for whatever reason your card is declined.  Again we’ve all been there…

When can you shop online?

You can do it anytime, any day of the week.  How fun is it when you can’t sleep so you turn on your phone and you start seeing fashion or jewellery ads pop up and next thing it’s 2 am and you are the proud new owner of three rings, 2 x pairs of shoes and an Air Fryer! Just takes your mind off the insomnia for a brief moment in time, helps balance out that serotonin to help engage back to sleep.

It’s private and discreet. Worried about walking out of ‘that’ store and bumping into someone you know with a questionable item in your hot little hands that may raise a few eyebrows?  Or when you run into that nosey neighbour whilst you’re walking out of the bottle shop with a trolley full of ‘supplies’.  Never fear! Most packaging these days is geared towards keeping your privacy and shopping habits safe.  Packaging boxes devoid of logo’s and branding is very much appreciated in this day and age, I can assure you.  

 It’s fast and so very convenient.  No need to jump in the car, rush down to the shops, try to find a park and then become disappointed when they don’t even have the item in stock.  Which brings us to the next point…

The inventory is usually right 99% of the time!  You can see what is in stock, what is out of stock, what is coming in next, when the next sale is going to be on, how to get notified when items are back in stock etc. How perfect in the sense that it’s time saving and avoids disappointment not to mention the cost in wasted petrol and parking costs.

 Where to shop for jewellery online

However you choose to shop there is always something to tempt you with from Desiderate Jewellery.  We have a wide range of new rings and collections that have been hand designed and handcrafted and ready to be showed off by you! Our online shopping has proven to be so successful during lockdown and I’m sure will continue to do so after lockdown. 




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