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Why we love turquoise jewellery for boho summer fashion

Why we love turquoise jewellery for boho summer fashion 

On Pinterest, if you search ‘boho jewellery’, what stone features regularly in the results? Turquoise jewellery, of course. The gorgeous bright blue stones are slightly imperfect, making them the perfect representation of the boho aesthetic. 

Turquoise jewellery is the prettiest shade of blue, with flecks of darker and paler shades, making each stone utterly unique. It really does look like waves crashing on a beach, or flecks in a blue summer’s sky, so it’s no wonder that turquoise jewellery is considered the perfect style for summer. 

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What are those flecks of colour in turquoise jewellery? 

Each piece of turquoise is truly one-of-a-kind. It can have unique inclusions known as two-phase and three-phase inclusions, made up of fluids, gases, and solids. These natural bubbles add character and charm to each stone, making every piece as individual as you are.

Over time, our beloved turquoise may fade to a beautiful green hue or develop a delicate white "bloom" on its surface. This happens due to exposure to sweat, chemicals, cosmetics, and environmental factors. Most turquoise jewellery is treated with a thin coating of oil or wax to preserve its colour and longevity.

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How to care for turquoise jewellery 

Although turquoise can look like a beachy gem, it's important to remember that it doesn't get along well with water and humidity. This gemstone, native to dry environments, can absorb liquids and chemical products, potentially altering its colour.

The porous nature of this stone means you should keep it away from heat and chemicals like perfumes, cosmetics, and oils. Let's keep our gem shining bright by applying cosmetics, including sunscreen and hair spray, before putting on our turquoise jewellery and avoiding getting lotions or alcohol on it.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can take a toll on our vibrant turquoise, causing it to discolour or dehydrate.

What are the properties of turquoise? 

Turquoise is known as the "friendship stone," symbolising loyalty and fostering strong bonds between friends. It's like a beautiful talisman that keeps friendships strong and enduring. And when it comes to travelling, turquoise is a true protector. Many cultures believe that wearing turquoise while travelling provides an extra layer of safety and guards against negative energies on the journey. It's like having a trusty guardian angel beside you.

Attributes of turquoise jewellery

🧭 Wisdom and protection: turquoise is believed to symbolise wisdom and protection, guiding us through life's journey and shielding us from negative energies.

💖 Heart-centred healing: with its connection to matters of the heart, turquoise promotes love, compassion, and emotional healing, bringing soothing energy to our souls.

🕊️ Balance and harmony: this gemstone helps to restore balance and harmony in our lives, aligning minds, bodies, and spirits for a sense of inner peace.

🔍 Intuition and communication: turquoise enhances our intuition and communication skills, encouraging honest expression and fostering deeper connections with ourselves and others.

Turquoise is the birthstone for December 

In Australia, turquoise is the perfect birthstone for December birthdays, as it’s usually warm (or bloody hot) at this time of year, making it a gorgeous stone for a relaxed yet stylish look to enjoy in the balmy summer breeze. 

Turquoise for December Capricorns 

Ambitious-driven Capricorns find turquoise helps protect them from outside influences and helps them focus. It can also help relax and chill, preventing burnout from all that goal-oriented action. 

Turquoise December Sagittarians 

Impetuous Saggitarius may find that turquoise helps provide stability and peace, from that excitable, enthusiastic spontaneous nature that sometimes needs to rest, relax and think through hasty decisions.

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How to style turquoise jewellery for a boho look 

If you want that relaxed boho look, take a ‘more is more’ approach. Think rings on every finger, bangles stacked on each wrist, multiple necklaces and lots of earrings too (if you have the piercings for it.) 

Turquoise rings look great with several on each finger. Or you can add soft pink rose quartz rings alongside turquoise rings for a pretty combination. Avoid pairing sparkly gemstones with turquoise, as the contrast of the matte turquoise jewellery with the glittery sheen of bezel-cut stones doesn’t quite work together. You can add more blue shades with the softer-toned larimar jewellery, which looks wonderful! 

Turquoise pendants look great, especially worn long and lower on the body. This is a great trick to elongate your frame, as the vertical line of the pendant makes you look narrower (which can be handy!) 

As for fashion, go for floaty layers, loose t-shirts, leather accessories, boots, floaty scarves. Wear your hair natural and wavy (or cheat with styled curls) for a ‘just got back from the beach’ look. Tan is very subjective, but if you want to show off tanned skin, there’s plenty of great fake tan products on the market to give you a bronzed look. Or even a shimmery body lotion can do the trick too. We love bringing out the blues in turquoise jewellery with blue nails too, or white nail polish can give a great contrast with the pretty blue turquoise stones. 

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