About Us

Desiderate: verb: desire, want, need, to have to own, feel need to have.

DESIDERATE is an online shopping destination for beautiful quality boho style,  jewellery that's affordable.

We specialise in original designs in silver, pearls and gemstones.

We offer pieces for woman who are stylish in a natural bohemian way. Sort of earthy, but upmarket.

Our Earth Stone and Meaningful Stone Collections are designed to feature genuine gemstones & crystals with deep meanings. We also offer a Classic Collection of timeless, sophisticated pieces.
Our motto is that ‘if everybody is happy – everybody is happy’.
Customer service and quality are our first priority so it is no wonder that our customers keep on coming back for more and tell their friends about us. We are proud of our reputation for providing high quality products and service, our awareness of customers and their satisfaction is well renowned.
Please feel free to contact us at any time.