25 Reasons To Shop Online At Desiderate

25 Reasons To Shop Online At Desiderate


The number of people shopping online and the number of purchases they make increases  constantly… and for good reason.

Desiderate Jewellery offers so much variety and convenience.

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Plus, how else can you go shopping in your PJ’s (or less)?

  1. No waiting in line, it’s like you are the only person in the shop!
  2. You can use coupon codes and get discounts and special offers.
  3. There is no hunting for a parking spot, circling, looking, wasting time while someone just sits there with reverse lights on.
  4. Wear whatever you want, no bra, makeup or shoes required.
  5. No need to use public toilets …
  6. Save money on petrol, transport and those parking charges in shopping centres .. what’s with that?
  7. Look after your health! … actively avoid the sweet treats at the sales counter.
  8. It’s totally acceptable to have a wine or two while you shop.
  9. You can check the reviews on our Facebook page and be sure you are buying from a reputable store.
  10. Avoid catching a cold or flu from all those people.
  11. No paper receipts filling up your handbag.
  12. The kids won’t be bored and nagging or whinging.
  13. You chat online with a real person to help you with any questions.
  14. You don’t need an umbrella, no rain online.
  15. When your order arrives it feels like you’re getting a present.
  16. You don’t have to try and avoid those people wanting a donation for a charity.
  17. You don’t end up with a whole lot of things you don’t even want, because shopping centres have sign, music etc. all designed to make you impulse buy.
  18. No pushy salespeople ….
  19. 60 day warranty.
  20. You can multi-task, shop, watch TV, have a drink …
  21. It’s easy to check if the person you are buying for likes it, just send them a link, or tag them on Facebook or Instagram.
  22. You can bring your dog.
  23. The prices and quality are awesome.
  24. You really matter, Desiderate LOVE happy customers.
  25. Convenience …  shop wherever and whenever you like, take as long as you like, there is no rush and we never close


  • Leanne Pollard

    I just received my discount code.
    Thanks you

  • Leanne Pollard

    I signed up for a 10% discount and I’m ready to complete my order. Where is my discount?
    Also do you sell watches?

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