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Mothers day gift ideas galore: treat your mum, because she’s amazing

Are you looking for Mother's day gift ideas? Your mum is special to you. And even though she’s insisting that you ‘don’t need to spend too much’ or that she ‘doesn’t need anything,’ you want to spoil her anyway, right? If you have been searching for mothers day gifts on Google, you’re in the right place. 

Is your mum your go-to person? She’s there to listen when you need to celebrate, whinge, listen, help with stain removal, or clean your kitchen even though you’re a grown adult. She buys your favourite snacks, and she sends you cute text messages with too many emojis, but you wouldn’t have her any other way. Does she make the best lasagne, cakes or cheesy biscuits? Perhaps your relationship is complicated, or perhaps not. Nevertheless, you want to recognise the wonderful mum she is on this day. 

Is It OK To Buy My Own Valentines Gift?

This Valentines Day celebrate your own love for you. Buy your own Valentines gift. Forget the cheesy card though. That's not right. Don't buy yourself one of those.

You ARE allowed to think of yourself you know? You can buy your own Valentines present. Really. I give you permission. 

Don't be secretly disappointed when you don't receive something you deserve, take the pressure off and buy it for yourself.

What's the birthstone for September in Australia?
Blue Sapphire is the birthstone for September in Australia.

In the middle ages it was believed that sapphire had magic healing properties and it was ground up to use as an antidote to poison, to fix eye problems and to cure fevers, nosebleeds, ulcers and pretty much any illness.
Peridot is August birthstone and here are some things you may not know about Peridot
As peridot is my personal birthstone I knew that it's supposed to bring the wearer success, good luck and peace and also helps with health, protection and sleep. They say that peridot attracts love, soothes nerves and dispels anxiety. Pretty powerful stuff, but .. these amazing gems have even been found in meteorites....
What does Desiderate Mean?
De - sid - er - ate

Go on, you try it...  Say it out loud ..
Which Earrings Suit Me?
Have you ever wondered which earrings suit your face shape best? You look at them all and love them all, but have no idea which style will suit your face best and be the most flattering ...
What to Wear to an Easter Egg Hunt? Easter News ..

Did you know that it has been a custom to mark Easter with a new outfit since at least the 1500’s?
This witty 18th century verse reflects that custom.

“At Easter let your clothes be new
Or else be sure you will it rue”

Why You Need Hoops for 2018
What makes hoop earrings so appealing? Well, for starters, they’re easy to pair with almost anything, from peasant blouses to maxi dresses to slinky numbers. You can even wear a pair with your swimmers while chilling at the beach! This is one of those cases where size does matter, though. Plan on wearing your shoulder-sweeping hoops with dresses; medium-sized ones go great with every day looks or off-the-shoulder tops. Opt for smaller hoops if you’re also planning on wearing a headband and sunnies.
Now this classic accessory is making a comeback (or never left, for many of us), you’ll need to pick up a fresh pair. We encourage you to think outside the circle and choose hoops boasting features like pearls and tassels, interesting textures, spikes, colours and more.
25 Reasons To Shop Online At Desiderate

The number of people shopping online and the number of purchases they make increases  constantly… and for good reason.

Desiderate Jewellery offers so much variety and convenience.

If you know someone who still doesn’t get it? Then share this page with them.

Plus, how else can you go shopping in your PJ’s (or less)?