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Are Zodiac Pendants Popular?

Is Zodiac Jewellery Popular?

As an Astrology student (and Customer Service Support Extraordinaire at Desiderate) I am, of course quite biased when answering this question. Knowing Astrology as well as I do and using it in my everyday personal and professional life I would wholeheartedly agree. With the increase of Facebook and Instagram ads it’s no surprise that the algorithm that seeks out my searches usually spits out numerous advertisements selling anything from astrology tea towels to astrology bed linen and of course astrology jewellery. 

Jewellery plays quite a big part in my life.  Working for Desiderate and supporting Janine in her fabulous business has been amazing and I was thrilled to have been asked to lend my astrology experience to assist in the process of establishing her very first Zodiac Collection.  Janine is quite the imaginative artist and visionary, so when I found out she was in fact a Leo it all made sense.  Leo’s are known to be the most creative sign of the Zodiac. Janine hand draws a lot of the pieces you find on her site, and they are then made into the beautiful tangible memories you can wear and keep for a lifetime. 

When looking to launch a new Collection time is taken to research the market, find out what the latest trends are, delve deep into what people are searching for and what will ultimately make them ‘add to cart’.  Time and time again Janine’s research kept coming back to the same thing – Zodiac Jewellery.  Desiderate already specialise in gemstone and silver jewellery so the natural progression to expand by creating a sterling silver zodiac necklace was an organic decision to say the least!

With the sketch pad out and the HB pencil being sharpened many times Janine hand designed the drawings herself and then sent these to her team of trusted silversmith craftsmen overseas to bring her dream to life.  A few edits and changes here and there and we are now at the point of launching this exciting new Collection that we are sure will be an absolute hit.

Why is Zodiac Jewellery Popular?

So why is Astrology jewellery so darn popular these days?  People are transforming their ideals and the way they think to be more in line with a spiritual way of living perhaps.  The Age of Aquarius (which really is an Astrology ‘thing’) was said to have been made popular in the 60’s and 70’s, from mainstream pop art and musicals like Hair.  It really is what Astrologers call a ‘transit’ and occurs every 2160 years and runs in reverse from the usual Zodiac order.  2020 was believed to be the end of the Age of Pisces, bringing forth (or back really if we want to be accurate) to the Age of Aquarius.

Add to this is the challenging time of a world currently adapting to a pandemic that has changed our way of living and thinking forever.  People have reassessed their entire lives during this time and are searching for ways to deal with everyday stresses and challenges by leaning towards more spiritual tools, advice and guidance.  

Why wear a Zodiac Pendant?

What are the benefits of wearing a zodiac necklace? Well - it’s about identifying with something that has deeper meaning and goes back over 6,000 years.  Astrology is not a belief system, nor is it a religion – it’s actually a language.  A language of the sky to be precise and a language that does take time, intense study and practice to learn and interpret in terms that are easily understood by a novice.  There are 12 signs in the Zodiac – not 13…please don’t be caught up in the recurring hype of another sign being discovered.  This has been doing the rounds for many years and only rises to the occasion when there is slow news to report and/or to get the masses talking.  If you were born an Aries, you are an Aries – end of. 

Can you be on the cusp?

Another confusing myth people often associate with Astrology is ‘cusp’ signs.  There is no such thing.  Your sign comes down to the exact time you were born. The Sun will make its ingress into another sign governed by time.  For e.g. any babies that were born before 2 pm on the 21st June this year AEST were still a Gemini.  Babies born after that time were Cancerian as the Sun made its way into Cancer after 2 pm AEST.  See the difference? There is no chance of you needing a cusp sign or having to buy two different signs for your personal collection.  There are free websites to punch in your birth data if you are unsure which sign you actually are and I encourage you to do this.  I have seen people who have believed all along that they are a Libra when in fact they are a Scorpio – changes everything, especially how we identify.  Which brings me back to why Zodiac jewellery is popular?

We all have a need to be someone who ‘identifies’ with something strong.  Aries love the fact that they are go-getters, have endless confidence and are little ‘fire-starters’ in all that they do.  With the Aries glyph around their neck people can automatically associate them as someone strong and courageous and who has a lot of gumption.  With their motto being ‘I Am’ no one would wear a zodiac pendant with more pride and identification.  

What your star sign says about you?

Astrology is becoming more mainstream in the media, especially on Socials.  There are hilarious Astrology meme’s that often ring true for so many people and I often hear comments saying ‘I feel seen!’ when being sent a funny, tongue in cheek post. It’s also about joining allegiance with your fellow signs – A Leo for instance is probably one of the most loyal signs, so if they see someone with the Leo glyph around their neck, they immediately identify that this would be a firm friend who would be a constant reliable and loyal pal.  A Scorpio keeps the best secrets.  They’d rather be tortured than spill your most trusted confidences.  If someone sees this, they immediately feel a sense of trust for that person, knowing they would never betray them or defend them to the death.  They also probably know too though that if they ever betray the confidence of a Scorpio there will be a voodoo doll with their name on it, and revenge will be slow, calculated and unforgettable. 

The meaning of Star Signs

Let’s now take a look at all 12 signs in more detail and the way they or others identify with:


Aries are seen as ‘self-starters’ so it makes sense they come in as leading the pack.  They are the first sign of the Zodiac so love to be first in all that they do.  Highly competitive they take on new tasks with zeal and enthusiasm and are highly motivated in all that they do.  They are courageous and extremely brave and will take on anything and anyone.  Often accused of being selfish it can sometimes be seen as all about ‘me, myself and I’ with an Aries. They do have extremely big hearts though and don’t often mean to come across as so absorbed and competitive, they just have such a fiery temperament, supported by the planet of war, Mars. Aries are often identified by their large prominent foreheads and favour wearing something red almost every day. 


Taurus love to plant and nurture what Aries love to start.  They are the most grounded and earthed signs, using all five senses for pleasure.  They love to wine and dine, being ruled by Venus they always appreciate quality, but it needs to be value for money. Money is their jive, and making it is their adrenalin.  They are the most stubborn of signs too, so they move verrrry slowly and can’t be rushed.  Push their buttons though and you’ll be faced with a bull who has had a red flag waved in their face!


As Taurus plants what Aries has started, Gemini is here to communicate just how great it is.  Born talkers, Gemini’s love to share knowledge and information.  Often accused of being two-faced they 

are quite the opposite – A Gemini is a dual sign, so they always see both sides of an argument or situation.  Being ruled by Mercury they are fast talkers and don’t do anything in 4th gear. They are also the most adaptable and versatile sign, often being described as a Jack/Jill of all trades, but unfortunately master of none.  Gemini’s get bored easily so the best way to keep them on their toes is to add variety, spice and constant humour to their lives.  They love a good meme too!


Cancerian’s are here to ‘nurture’ what it is that Gemini has talked about, that Taurus planted from which Aries started.  They are the most sensitive of the signs, the ‘mothers’ of the Zodiac.  They often have a very hard, outer shell though that protects their heart which they always feel is ‘vulnerable’, however inside this shell they are quite soft and gooey and have the softest of hearts.  Cancerians find comfort from being at home with family.  They show love by cooking for everyone and feel secure in their personal ‘shell’s.  They have a wicked sense of humour too and are ruled by the Moon – a lot of Cancerian placements often have a ‘moon’ shaped, rounded face.  


Leo’s love to act out what Cancer has nurtured.  They are born to be on the stage, having a solid sense of themselves and who they are as a person – which is the King/Queen’s of the jungle.  They love to be treated like royalty too – commanding respect and loyalty because that’s how they like to treat others too.  They are extremely creative and have a wonderful ability to translate this to the stage or another avenue that let’s them explore this. Leo’s are also extremely generous – they are the friend who throws lavish dinner parties where everything is just so perfect and also creatively done!  It’s all a show.  They love attention too and will often sulk when this is not bestowed upon them.  You’ll have the most loyal friend for life though.    


Virgo’s are the most organized and data driven signs and will ‘direct and manage’ the show that Leo is acting out.  Their motto in life is to ‘be of service’ – they are born helpers, and would do anything to make someone’s life easier.  They seek perfection though in others and can be highly critical.  Unfortunately, they are most critical of themselves, and need to accept that perfection is just a word, not a belief. Virgo’s are the most health conscious sign too – they are the ones constantly getting blood tests done, exercising every day, eating the best diet for their delicate stomach’s. Like Gemini, they too are ruled by Mercury. Gemini is Mercury Logic.  Virgo is Mercury Analysis.  


Libra is making sure what Virgo has organized is fair and balanced.  They seek harmony and accord and people make the assumption that they are the most balanced sign, however it’s is balance that they constantly seek.  If their equilibrium is upset, they find it hard to function.  They are a one-on-one sign – they too seek a partner to live in harmony with for a lifetime.  They are probably one of the most beautiful signs of the Zodiac, being ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Venus rules beauty and money.  Taurus is Venus ‘money’.  Libra is Venus ‘beauty’.  A lot of lawyers and mediators are Libran as they seek justice for all.  Others make fabulous beauty consultants or interior designers, as they have such an eye for anything beautiful.  A lot of Libran’s can be spotted by the gorgeous dimples in their cheeks or by the sparkle in the amount of jewellery they adorn themselves with. 


Scorpio likes to transform the justice the Libra seeks into something more intense and deeper.  The most determined and passionate of all signs, Scorpio is not one to mess with.  They are though also extremely loyal and will fight and defend you to the death.  Their mission is to uncover the truth in all and are extremely intuitive and can sense when dishonesty a mile off.  They love to sit below the surface and don’t like to be ‘seen’. They are often accused of being the most intense sign – probably because they are but they are the keepers of secrets and have a vault that is impenetrable.  You can usually spot a Scorpio by their very dark, deep and intense eyes.  


Sagittarius now takes the new transformations that Scorpio has mastered on an epic adventure, questioning everything about religion, philosophy and the meaning of life. They are seekers of truth and honesty and are often accused of being too blunt and having no filter.  They love life though and are ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter. Everything a Sag does needs to be big and fun!  You want to have a good time?  Invite a Sagittarius.  They are the class clowns and are easily identified by their big, cheesy grins. They’ll tell you though if they hate the dress you have on – they are not trying to be hurtful, they just think the ‘truth will set you free’ and you won’t make that ugly dress mistake again.  It’s done for the highest good of all.  


Capricorns now manage and try to streamline and control the ‘adventure’ Sagittarius has now taken us on.  They are born managers, business owners and entrepreneurs. Represented by the Goat they are as tenacious and hardworking as this stubborn animal, that clings to the side of the mountain, with the aim of always reaching the top.  Capricorns do not suffer fools easily and their mission in life is to reach the top in anything they do, especially their careers.  They love anything about money and make excellent money managers.  Ruled by the serious planet Saturn, things get better with time and age for Capricorns.  They mature well because of their disciplined and responsible natures. Watch their sense of humour though – purposely sarcastic and very tongue in cheek.  


Aquarius now enters the picture and wants to innovate and free the restrictions that Capricorn has put on us.  The most quirky, innovative, unique and inventive of the signs Aquarius is here for the humans.  They’ll fight for the underdog, relish being in a protest or rally, and will want to defend the wounded and unprotected.  It’s all about equality for an Aquarian and having freedom of speech.  They love being part of change and the bigger picture and often have thoughts that are seen as seven years ahead of the average person.  They can be stubborn though and very fixed in their beliefs and will try their hardest to convince you of their latest conspiracy theory. 


Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac and are here to serve the Collective and to put into practice what all the other signs promote.  They are said to be the most confusing and overwhelmed of all signs, probably because they take on a little bit of every sign that precedes them.  It can be too much sometimes for our lovely Pisces so they seek to escape into their little fantasy world.  They are beautifully compassionate creatures but can sometimes play the martyr, so a good sense of reality is needed to wake them up.  Pisces are wonderfully artistic and make fabulous artists, singers, dancers and actors.  A Pisces can usually be spotted in the crowd by their wide, gentle and dreamy eyes. 

Written by Eva Wilson Tarot and Astrology.

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