Zodiac Pendant - Gemini - Desiderate
Wearing Zodiac Pendant - Gemini - Desiderate
Zodiac Pendant - Gemini - Twins - Desiderate
Zodiac Pendant - Gemini Glyph - Desiderate

Zodiac Collection - Gemini Pendant

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Intelligent. Funny. Communicator 

Welcome to our new Zodiac Collection! These stunning Gemini sterling silver pendants are handcrafted to the highest standard. Designed and hand-drawn by Janine herself means they are unique and exclusive to Desiderate and can now be unique to you and your sign.

These individual pieces depict the glyphs of each sign which you can wear proudly around your neck, or add a charm to a bracelet or even an anklet. Why not add your Moon sign if you know it, or even your Rising sign to really tell your own personal story.  Made in the highest quality sterling silver these are classic pieces that are aimed at finding the astrological connection in us all. 

Gemini you love to communicate and share knowledge with others.  You are represented by the duality of twins, and that means you have the natural ability to see two sides to everything.  People say you're two-faced, but you are not - you are just impartial.  You do love a bit of gossip though, and spilling the tea as they say.  You mean no harm as you actually have a huge heart that's filled with kindness.  You lose interest in a lot of things easily so you need to be constantly finding a new hobby that stimulates that energetic and fast-paced mind of yours!  You're a social butterfly who fits in with everyone and have an uncanny way of impersonating people and making others laugh - Gemini, you are a joy!

These pendants come with two charms both the twins and the Gemini Glyph and have been designed to be worn together, or separately.  The choice is yours. 

These are also available to purchase individually

  • Sterling Silver
  • Hand sketched, hand-carved and hand-poured
  • Small approximately 10 x 10 mm
  • Large approximately 20 x 20 mm
  • Sterling Silver 39 - 45 CM Adjustable Chain

    Add a Chain and Ball Chain

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