Gorgeous Christmas Jewellery That You’ll Love

Classic Christmas Jewellery You'll Enjoy For a Lifetime.


Classic Christmas Jewellery You'll Enjoy For a Lifetime.

Are you looking for festive but not flashy Christmas jewellery? We get it — there’s plenty of novelty Santa earrings or reindeer headbands around, but if you want something more understated, elegant and classic (yet still Christmass-y), we have you covered. 
Christmas is a time of parties, end-of-year celebrations, office get-togethers and graduations — so you’re certain to be out and about. It’s nice to celebrate with a festive look — but if you prefer to keep it subtle, we have the Christmas jewellery you’re looking for. 
Whether you purchase for yourself as a gift or a loved one, Christmas jewellery is a fun tradition that you can enjoy for years to come. 

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Combine emerald and ruby for a traditional Christmas jewellery look
Many customers make emerald and ruby their go-to combinations for that gorgeous green and red combination. Stock up on our gemstone rings and alternate ruby and emerald on each finger for an instant festive style. 

Pair them with a festive manicure, with perhaps a feature Christmass-y nail on your ring finger and you’ll have that Christmas style down pat. Plus, you’ll be able to re-wear them throughout the year — meaning the cents per wear price makes it well worthwhile. 

Check out our stunning Christmas necklaces
Pair our dramatic statement Christmas necklaces with a simple black dress and you’ll be a knockout at any Christmas party you attend! 

These items are true Christmas jewellery investments, which you’ll enjoy for many more festive seasons ahead. Each is dripping with stunning gemstones making them absolutely stunning, and a certain talking point — get ready for compliments.

Tivaali Necklace

This gorgeous necklace features three natural emeralds and three natural rubies/garnets, set in a gleaming sterling silver chain.

Each stone glimmers brightly, contrasting beautifully with the crisp sheen of sterling silver.

Tivaali means festive and this necklace adds festivity to any outfit!

The classic Y-shape of the chain is deeply flattering and highly eye-catching, so prepare to be complimented. 

 Christmas jewellery


Green Obsidian and Pearl Necklace

Imagine this stunner at your throat, paired with a simple black or white gown — what a statement you will make! This is a forever piece designed to be cherished over several generations. As each wearer infuses her energy into the stones, it becomes more powerful and magnetic. This statement Christmas necklace features five teardrop-shaped green obsidian stones flanked by a large central pearl forming a Y that sits alluringly at your throat. 
Each green obsidian is accented by smaller pearls and set in high-quality sterling silver. The effect is immediate and complete, with the shimmer of the pearl, the sparkle of the obsidian and the sheen of the silver balancing perfectly.

Desiderate - Statement necklace


Layer up your Christmas Jewellery with Pendants 

Keep the red and green feeling going with stunning pendants that combine to create a yuletide fashion statement.

Ruby Trilogy Pendant  Emerald Mahtava Pendant
Bold Emerald Pendant Bold Ruby Pendant


Christmas Earrings That You Can Wear Again 

If you’re not into novelty earrings that make your lobes ache but you still want a festive look, try our lovely emerald and ruby earrings. 
The sparkle of deep green or dramatic red are all you need to make a majestic statement — plus you can wear them year round! 
Bold emerald earrings Ruby soul drops
Ruby Mahtava earrings

 Emerald Mahtava earrings


If you want some more Christmas earrings options, try these for a festive statement. 

 Carnelian  enchanted waterfall earrings Natural emerald tear drop earrings Ruby Trilogy Earrings


Want statement earrings but not a fan of red or green? 

Check out our stunning gemstone earrings designed to add extra glamour for special occasions.

Vivid glam earrings - morganite, citrine and london blue topaz Vivid glam earrings - rose quartz, blue topaz and ruby
Moonlit love drops Luminata earrings
 Vivid earrings Moonlit earrings


How about starting a Christmas jewellery tradition?

If you invest in a gorgeous piece of Christmas jewellery, you can wear it every December for years to come. Each year you’ll enjoy the magical  moment of bringing out the Christmas jewellery and wearing it again. If you have daughters, cousins or nieces, you can pass the jewellery on to them (or gift it to them) for the future generations to enjoy. Wouldn’t that be a lovely Christmas tradition you will enjoy for many years? We certainly think so. 


Quality Christmas jewellery is more sustainable 

Sure, novelty jewellery is a lot of fun, but it tends to be low quality. Costume jewellery tends to be made of base metals like nickel, tin, and aluminium, which can cause sensitive skin reactions and can even leave temporary marks on your skin. This kind of fast fashion tends to be thrown out quickly because it's so cheap, ending up in landfills. Whereas if you invest in high-quality Christmas jewellery made with sterling silver, you’ll be more comfortable and reduce waste — so it’s a more sustainable and long-lasting choice.


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