Emerald - The Birthstone for May

Emerald - The Birthstone for May


It might seem a little strange that Emeralds aren't always the rich 'Emerald' green that we assume.  The birthstone for May, Emerald can vary quite dramatically from a pale green right through to a very deep dark colour. 

Think of Fifty shades of ..... GREEN.

It's the amount of trace elements in the gem that causes the variation in the colour.


The name Emerald originally comes from a Persian word meaning 'green gem' and evolved with the help of both ancient Greek and Latin and evolved into English as Emerald.

Emerald is a popular name for girls, worldwide and particularly so for girls born in May. The names Emma, Emily, Esme and Esmerelda are all derivatives that come from Emerald.


They say that May babies are born with traits of understanding, enthusiasm and commitment and that they are generally strong mentally and physically attractive. Gosh they're starting to sound irrestistable.

Interestingly, most people born in May believe that they are extra lucky, more so than others, and optimism is scientifically proven to make you happier and might even lead to a longer life.

So pop that champagne cork now and buy a lottery ticket with a May babe.


Wearing Emerald jewellery can bring balance and peace, they're known for calming and soothing vibes and for restoring confidence.
They bring freshness and vitality, which helps with reflection and growth and with healing both physically and emotionally.

Known as 'The stone of successful love' an Emerald represents compassion, unity, friendship and unconditional love.


Physically, Emeralds are believed to have healing properties closely connected with rejuvenation and so are used to slow down the signs of aging and strengthen memory and eyesight.
Believers say Emerald helps with eloquence and any speech problems, whether it's public speaking stress or speech related difficulties.

If you suffer heart or immune conditions, you may reap the healing benefits from wearing Emeralds.
It's also said to relieve skin irritations and can sooth allergies and get you back on track after an infectious illness.

And let's face it, if you've been sick, a new Emerald ring, earrings or pendant isn't going to do any harm is it? At the very least it will put a smile on your face.



For over four thousand years Emeralds have been mined not only for their captivating colour. They've also been associated with an impressive list of magical powers.

Ancient Egytians considered Emeralds a stone of eternal youth and liked to be buried with them. Romans used them to relieve eye strain by gazing into them. Fortune tellers from around the globe believe Emeralds bring good luck and mystical powers and strengthen the ability to predict the future.


Often Emeralds are more expensive than diamonds and are certainly more rare. I know diamond is the first thought when expensive or rare gemstones come to mind, but Emerald is one of the rarest gemstones.

Possibly it's the rarity of Emeralds which has cemented them as a favourite royal gem. The British Crown jewels feature impressive Emeralds and Cleopatra famously loved them. Even Hollywood royalty favourite Elizabeth Taylor was renowned for her staggering Emeralds.


Despite being so rare, Emerald jewellery can be surprisingly affordable for a few reasons.
Firstly all gemstones have inclusions and unlike in Diamonds where it's all about clarity, in Emeralds these variations are seen as an appealing feature.

The inclusions are referred to as an Emerald's 'jardin' or 'garden' and create pretty patterns in the stone. The imperfections are able to be seen by the naked eye, without magnifying and can actually increase the value.

Secondly you can get more bang for your buck with Emeralds because the stones are larger than Diamonds that have the same carat size. The carat size of a gem is calculated by weight and Emeralds are not as dense and have a lighter weight, meaning a one carat Emerald will be considerably larger than a one carat Diamond.

In recent times Emerald has become synonymous with serenity, loyalty and new beginnings. Emerald jewellery is a meaningful gift not only as a birthstone for May but to express your love and respect.

And I'm a big fan of treating yourself.

I'd love you to have a look at Desiderate's range of Emerald jewellery and if you have any questions, please reach out.


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