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Happy Birthday Aquarius

What type of person is an Aquarius?

Oh hey Aquarius it’s your birthday! Hip, hip, HOORAY!!!  I would run and embrace you with a thousand kisses but oooh yep, that’s right…You can be a little hesitant in the old ‘fluff and bubbles’ department.  You are too busy thinking seven light years ahead of anyone else, so you just do not have time for such frivolity!  You are off to debunk or start the next conspiracy theory which you will focus steadfastly on until you are proven otherwise. Which will be never, as your beliefs are so fixed due to your stubborn personality.  It’s ok Aquarius, you bring such hope and dream fulfilment to so many others that we can sometimes let you have your opinion and be done with it. 


 Aquarius is represented by the equally quirky planet Uranus. Known as an outer planet traditional Astrologers still feel Aquarius should be represented by Saturn, which was its ruler back in the day.  However with the discovery of this wonderfully strong planet it only seemed befitting that it would now take ownership with Aquarius.  Uranus is there to shock us.  To move us into action whether we like it or not.  He’s the rebel who forces us to change or be changed – whether you like it or not. Regardless, one must know the change needs to happen, however sudden or strange it may seem at the time.


Saturn is a more serious and responsible planet than our rebellious Uranus and interestingly that is why that there will usually be two types of Aquarians – those who still come under the influence of that serious and disciplined Saturn energy and then there are those who really do not give two hoots, due to Uranus having such a non-conformist vibe.


In the Tarot, Aquarius is represented beautifully by the Star, the 17th card in the Major Arcana.  The Star is there to inspire, provide hope and to give you the reassurance that your dreams and wishes are there to come true.  It’s a beautifully positive card, much like our Aquarians.



 Has anyone had the pleasure of seeing the onstage production of Hair?  What a musical!  It amplifies the wonderful energy of Aquarius so magnificently. Set in the 1960’s it centres around the Vietnam War and a new generation of freedom fighters who want to make love, not war and resist being conscripted and forced to fight.  So, so Aquarian…  You want to be you.  Not be told who or what you should be.  You are an individual who marches to the beat of your own drum. You need that freedom to search for whatever or whoever you are meant to be. Or you will rebel… So magically quirky, intelligent, sometimes weirdly wonderful you never bore with your views or conquests to save the world or the nearest person, family, or charity.  Aquarius is associated with the 11th House of communities, networks, hopes, dreams, and wishes.  Its opposite house, the 5th, represents ‘your children’, whereas the 11th House represents all the children of the world.  And that is who you fight for.  Others.  You champion causes, fight for the underdog and stand up for the less fortunate or disadvantaged.


 You are an Air sign, so you question everything.  Who? What? When? Where?  Are there aliens?  Did man really land on the moon?  Who really did kill JFK?  You are a non-conformist who makes up their own mind and hold firm on your opinions. You despise authority, and buck against conventionality.  You can err on the side of being an extremist though and at times may offend others will your strong views however you just will not care.  It is what it is my dear Aquarians, isn’t that right?


I am not saying you have a cold heart Aquarius, quite the opposite.  You may have a hard time showing affection or even saying I love you sometimes, preferring to keep your emotions in check. They will make you feel loved and special, in their own intellectual and creative way.  As you are ruled by Uranus, the way you express love will be different, innovative, and unique.  Trusting can be an issue at times so you may be slow to come to the party, unlike your opposite sign of Leo who will put on grandiose displays of their love and affection for others.  You are a little more reserved in that department and prefer quality over quantity when you give your time to those you deem ‘special’.


Just as varied are our Aquarians so are the careers and jobs that best suit them.  You could revel in anything involving social welfare or justice, fighting the good fight for others and being in their corner.  Aquarians make wonderful Scientists, as they are ruled by the planet of innovation Uranus.  Many an Astrologer is an Aquarian, along with Environmental Engineers, those involved in behind-the-scenes TV and Broadcasting (think TV aerials – much like the Uranus glyph and Aquarius symbol), WIFI and anything IT related.  Your mind is like a TV Aerial – trying to receive information from various mediums which then goes on to process it so you can ultimately broadcast it to others.



With their beautiful deep purple and violet hues, Amethyst is the perfect birthstone and gem for our fabulous Aquarians.  Amethyst is known as an extremely powerful and healing gemstone and is reputed to hold the same energies as their ruling planet Uranus.  It can assist during times of sadness and grief, especially for those who struggle letting go of past hurts and traumas. Relieving stress and strain it can balance your energies and mood swings and dissolve negative thoughts. Much like our Aquarians, Amethyst is a very spiritual gem, often believed to activate psychic awareness and opening the third eye to intuition and spiritual feeling. 

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