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April Birthstone - Diamond - Why White Topaz is a perfect substitute!

Individuals with April birthdays are said to be work-oriented, passionate, hard working and loyal folks, which makes them a handy friend to have.

you're lucky enough to be born in April, you will likely already know that the April Birthstone is none other than the Diamond. This stone is known for its durability and healing powers, with the Diamond birthstone being a beacon for longevity, strength, beauty and happiness. What a stone!

The downside to this beautiful stone? Diamonds are extremely rare and as such, are extremely expensive.

Happy Birthday Aquarius
Oh hey Aquarius it’s your birthday! Hip, hip, HOORAY!!!  I would run and embrace you with a thousand kisses but oooh yep, that’s right…You can be a little hesitant in the old ‘fluff and bubbles’ department.  You are too busy thinking seven light years ahead of anyone else, so you just do not have time for such frivolity!  You are off to debunk or start the next conspiracy theory which you will focus steadfastly on until you are proven otherwise. Which will be never, as your beliefs are so fixed due to your stubborn personality.  It’s ok Aquarius, you bring such hope and dream fulfilment to so many others that we can sometimes let you have your opinion and be done with it. 
Moonstone and Pearls are the Birthstones for June

June girls are goddesses - beautiful, and greatly desired – just like their gemstones. A gift of Moonstone or Pearl jewellery is a perfect gift for a June birthday girl.

Known for their big hearts and sarcastic sense of humour, people born in June are rather intuitive and tend to be led by their gut feelings about things, they can smell danger a mile away. Surprisingly secretive about their true emotions though, a June Babe generally takes her time about opening up in front of people only revealing her true feelings in front of people who are extremely close.