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Happy Birthday Capricorn

 Dear Capricorn.  Happiest of returns on the day you were born.  I endeavour to try to not keep you long as I know you have responsibilities, and lots of work you need to do before you even think of celebrating.  Oh, and it will be quite low key as well because well you know, you don’t like the fluff and bubble and making too much of a fuss… Excuse my serious tone but I’m sure you appreciate me getting straight to the point my lovely Capricorns.  The clock is ticking, so let us not waste time any more important time or money for that matter and dive straight in….

Well after the fun and frivolity that Sagittarius brings, we are now in Capricorn season and it’s time to get a little bit more serious and responsible.  Because that is what a Cap is – stable, practical, responsible, serious, disciplined and extremely hard working.  It’s not all work and no pleasure though for our lovely Cap’s make no mistake. 


Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac and is aptly represented by the planet Saturn, commonly known as the Great Malefic.  Saturn is a planet of restriction.  He is serious, cold, calculating sometimes, the hard task masker who makes us take responsibility for what’s important in our lives. The lessons we learn come from him and if we listen hard and do what Saturn says, he will reward us in the end.  So, it’s only befitting that Saturn rules the Sea Goat, Capricorn, the hardest working sign in the Zodiac. 

In the Tarot Deck Capricorn is represented by the 15th card in the Major Arcana called The Devil.  This can be a very threatening looking card for those who may draw it – no one likes to associate anything with the Devil, but if we read it deeper and really tap into the energy, we can see that the Devil is everything Capricorn represents.  He wants us to face our fears, take responsibility for our actions and break free from self-imposed bondage.  Capricorn 

does not suffer fools at all, and the Devil says to us to take stock of what you’re doing before you become the Fool.  We put the chains on us, we can take them off.  If we use the energy in a positive way we can regain those areas of our lives that seem out of control. Such Capricorn advice…


Capricorns can be slow off the mark in their early years, but boy oh boy do they leave us for dead the older they get.  It is true – Capricorns take a while to find their groove, and things always improve for them the older and more mature they become.  It goes back to their planetary ruler Saturn, who is also known as the Time Lord. Saturn appreciates the gifts of time, so Capricorn knows how to conserve energy smartly. 


Well, it’s because they are just so concerned with being the best they can be. Their status and reputation mean everything to them, and they will do anything to ensure it is maintained to the highest level.  This means discipline, routine, working hard and achieving more than the average Joe.  Be careful though Capricorn that you do not miss out on having some fun along the way. If we have our head down too much, we often miss on seeing the seasons change.  Look up occasionally, Capricorn – you have so much more to offer than just toeing the line all the time. You have an amazing code of ethics though so it would be rare for you to ever break these. Sometimes bending is ok…



If you are looking for someone who is caring, nurturing, sensitive and empathetic you will not really find it in a Capricorn.  All those traits can be found in their opposite sign, Cancer. Opposite signs are always seeking the qualities and traits in their opposing sign and Capricorn could do with a dose of the niceties at times.  They just do not relate to emotions and feelings like Cancerians do.  They are more pragmatic in their emotions, being straight to the point and dishing out the ‘I told you so’s’ without even blinking. Capricorns would rather work through any problems like an architect.  Breaking them down into compartments, where they can work on each section, bit by bit, until it is mastered. 


In all their seriousness they have an amazing sense of humour.  Sarcasm plays a big part in this.  You will not see them out the front, being the Class Clown like our funny Sagittarians, but they will be the one firing back heckling comments that may make the audience laugh harder than the one on stage.  It is their impeccably smart timing and ability to not get emotion mixed in with humour that makes them deadpan funny.


‘She works hard for the money!!!”.  Many business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs have strong Capricorn in their charts.  They are the money makers of the Zodiac, the wise ones who just know how to manage yours and their own resources. They are the hardest of all workers who toil away, bit by bit with the goal of making it to the top of the ladder, in whatever profession they choose, at any cost. Capricorns are unrelenting in their quest for career accolades.  They want others to see them at the top of their game, always. Usually careers in Finance, Accounting, Taxes, Analysis or Architecture really appeals to a Cappy. 


One of the most powerful gemstones for our tough and resilient Capricorns is the Garnet.  It is believed to open the heart, strengthen one’s personal energy reserves and promotes joy.  All wonderful qualities that would only benefit our darling – oops! Sorry too much? Ok.  I will start that sentence again.  All wonderful qualities that would only benefit our most excellent of Capricorns.  It can also assist in establishing faith and trust and most importantly it is said to be a gem of prosperity and abundance.  Capricorns LOVE making money so wear the Garnet to bring the energy of wealth to you.

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