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Mothers day gift ideas galore: treat your mum, because she’s amazing

Are you looking for Mother's day gift ideas? Your mum is special to you. And even though she’s insisting that you ‘don’t need to spend too much’ or that she ‘doesn’t need anything,’ you want to spoil her anyway, right? If you have been searching for mothers day gifts on Google, you’re in the right place. 

Is your mum your go-to person? She’s there to listen when you need to celebrate, whinge, listen, help with stain removal, or clean your kitchen even though you’re a grown adult. She buys your favourite snacks, and she sends you cute text messages with too many emojis, but you wouldn’t have her any other way. Does she make the best lasagne, cakes or cheesy biscuits? Perhaps your relationship is complicated, or perhaps not. Nevertheless, you want to recognise the wonderful mum she is on this day. 

It only seems like yesterday when we were all living our best in our very first lockdown. We were hosting Zoom parties, having drinks with neighbours via our covid safe distanced balconies and decks. Ringing friends, posting funny memes and commiserating with the ‘joys’ that came with homeschooling.  We were reasonably happy to deal with the cards that were dealt to us and to just get on with it. Fast forward to this year and ‘Round 2’ or ‘Round 5’ if you’re in Victoria! is proving to be more challenging than what we were used to.
Happy Birthday Capricorn
Well after the fun and frivolity that Sagittarius brings, we are now in Capricorn season and it’s time to get a little bit more serious and responsible. Because that is what a Cap is – stable, practical, responsible, serious, disciplined and extremely hard working. It’s not all work and no pleasure though for our lovely Cap’s make no mistake.
National Jewellery Day
National Jewellery Day is a day to embrace the beauty of your baubles, the splendour of sparkle and adorn yourself with accessories. Bring your favourite pieces out for a day of celebration and slap on the bling. 
Jewel Day isn't a day for restraint, it's all about more is more and bring on the bling.
Which Earrings Suit Me?
Have you ever wondered which earrings suit your face shape best? You look at them all and love them all, but have no idea which style will suit your face best and be the most flattering ...