How to have a good year in 2023

How to Have A Good Year in 2023

How to have a good year in 2023 

By Janine Leghissa, Desiderate's founder and head jewellery designer.

Are you the New Year resolution type? Some people love to set a goal for the year. Others think it’s just an arbitrary date that passes like any other. 

But if you do want to set yourself up for success, so by New Year’s Eve in 2024 you’re looking back on a great year, try some of these tips. 

Set a word for a year

Having a theme word for the year helps give you clarity and focus on what’s important to you for the year. You could try words like: 

  • boundaries 
  • self-care 
  • connection
  • simplify
  • fun
  • laughter
  • kindness 

Write a 23 for 23 list 

Instead of resolutions, how about a list of 23 things you’ll do in 2023? Inspired by happiness and habits author Gretchen Rubin, this idea helps you make a bucket list for the year. But don’t make too many lofty goals — it will be unachievable. Keep things simple—a few big-picture goals as well more small targets. 

Your list could include things like: 

  • start meditating 
  • go to a museum
  • organise your pantry
  • declutter your garage 
  • try a new sport 
  • book a dinner with friends once a month 
  • read more books
  • be a tourist in your own city  
  • go op shopping 
  • buy flowers for myself 

Focusing on a mix of fun, one-off activities as well as loftier goals will make your 23 for 23 a fun challenge for the year! 

Have a morning routine 

The way we start the day impacts the kind of day we have. So if you take charge of the morning, you take charge of your day. You could try getting up to meditate, exercise, journal or just enjoy a gorgeous coffee. 

Have an evening routine 

The best way to get your morning to a great start is to work on your evening routine too. Reduce your screen time at night, don’t eat too close to bed time and getting to bed early will help you wake up rejuvenated and ready the next day. 

Break up with your phone 

We all struggle with phone addiction! But the hours you spend on your phone could be better spent working on your goals. You don’t have to eliminate your phone entirely. But honestly, could you rely on it a little less? Perhaps charge it overnight in a different room so you don’t look at it last thing at night or first thing in the morning. Monitor your screen time and challenge yourself to keep it to a particular limit. 

Focus on the big four

There are four major things in life that contribute to your well-being: 

  • health
  • money 
  • relationships 
  • stress

So if you truly intend to have a good year, these are the areas you can focus on. Improving your health means you will live a happier longer life. Taking charge of your financial situation will set you up to retire comfortably in future. And committing to relationships that are rich and fulfilling will give you the connection that all humans desire. And combatting stress will help you enjoy everyday life as well. 

What are the Desiderate team working on for 2023? 

Rachel: I’ve got no goals this year! Instead, I like to choose a word for the new year. In 2023 my word is ENJOY. 

Janine: I don’t do resolutions at all ever, but I do want to start some regular exercise again. It’s hard with lupus when it’s painful so I will go gently. I’d like to be in better shape for Charlotte’s wedding. 

Charlotte: I want to surf more so I can build my skills for my surfing honeymoon in the Mentawais, it can be pretty big surf and challenging. I'd like to get my steps up too! Going to save up for an Apple watch so I can properly track my steps, 10K daily is the goal.

Kate: I want to break up with my phone, I am on it way too much. I will start by charging it overnight in another room so I don’t look at it before bed or when I wake up.  

Dannielle Delaney: I want to look after myself better by snacking less and exercising daily.

DaynaEvery year, I have the intention to be fitter & healthier than the last. Not so much a resolution, just more so a desire. Giving it thought this year, I thought resolutions would be to try something new or like to give up. So I'd like to read more & I'd really like to give up swearing! Too honest?

Aaron: Listen more, talk less.

Jacqueline: I just want all my family and loved ones to be happy, safe, well and content.

Some great inspiration from the team.

Happy New Year to you and I hope that all of your dreams come true.


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