how to lift your mood during lockdown



“If you want happiness for an hour—take a nap. If you want happiness for a day—go fishing. If you want happiness for a year—inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime—help someone else.” —Chinese Proverb

We love this quote and never has it been more relevant or inspiring to read during these hard times again. Lockdown…the word itself can instil waves of fear, depression, sorrow and unhappiness even in the strongest of characters, but for those who are not as stoic (which is totally normal and ok) it can be like taking one step forward and two back.  

It only seems like yesterday when we were all living our best in our very first lockdown. We were hosting Zoom parties, having drinks with neighbours via our covid safe distanced balconies and decks. Ringing friends, posting funny memes and commiserating with the ‘joys’ that came with homeschooling.  We were reasonably happy to deal with the cards that were dealt to us and to just get on with it. Fast forward to this year and ‘Round 2’ or ‘Round 5’ if you’re in Victoria! is proving to be more challenging than what we were used to.  People are over it.  The Zoom parties have lost their traction and the future is still without ‘certainty’. 

How to get out of a lockdown slump? 

How can we improve our own mood and energy? With all shopping, recreation and partying cancelled, it does not leave us with much to keep us happy and occupied. Thank goodness we are still able to shop online and what better way to brighten your day than to treat yourself to some gorgeous, sparkly jewellery.

How to lift your mood during lockdown

Pleasure and gratification can still be found during this time.  We are allowed to exercise outdoors for an hour so how lovely would it be to wear a gorgeous gemstone ring that catches the beautiful rays of the sun and shines bright for all to see!  Work Zoom calls are still taking front and centre but it can be hard to get motivated being at home, as the dress code is obviously a bit more relaxed.  It doesn’t have to be though – you can still adorn yourself with your favourite rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and earrings.  Stand out from the rest and show others how you still take pride in your appearance by wearing your most treasured pieces. If anything they could prove to be great ice breakers and talking points.

How to cheer someone up during lockdown

What about wanting to cheer someone else up during lockdown?  It is absolutely imperative that we still reach out to our friends and family during these times, checking in and asking the all-important question of ‘are you ok?’.  Imagine being that one person who has the ability to lift the spirits of someone who just needs a bit of a boost.  How can we do this?  Sending gifts of gratitude, care, love and support is one way that would bring a smile to someone’s face.  Right now, receiving parcels in the post is truly like Christmas in July.  Imagine the wonderful surprise of finding a parcel delivered on your front doorstep and inside that mysterious package is a wonderment of jewels, or all things sparkly and bright! 

Can gemstones make you feel better in lockdown?

Desiderate have amazing pieces of jewellery for all budgets and occasions.  We are renowned for our sterling silver gemstone range, and each specific gem is believed to hold particular ‘energy’ to assist the wearer. 

Our Bold White Topaz Rings are said to promote hope and happiness – how very apt for these times. 

Gift a loved one a gorgeous rose quartz gemstone which is all about love and balance and instils positivity and joy. 

Perhaps you have a friend who is a master at manifesting – Citrine would be perfect as it is the most famous stone for attracting abundance, wealth, prosperity and success. 

For the friend who needs a bit of a virtual hug gift them black onyx.  It is said it can assist with calming those challenging emotions of anxiety and depression and helps balance the yin and yang in us all. 

Of course, you don’t have to gift them something material or physical to cheer them up – sending a funny meme, GIF or video will lift the spirits of anyone. 

Don’t forget though to focus on yourself as well.  Spoiling or treating ‘number one’ may be a way in which to help you get through these difficult times. 

Jewellery is like a tattoo – each piece has its own story to tell. Getting your little bit of bling may serve as a friendly reminder that we got through one of the most challenging times in modern history and says hey - we survived!!! 

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