Meghan Markle wears Herkimer Diamonds

Meghan Markle wears Herkimer Diamonds

When a celebrity like Meghan Markle wears one of our favourite gems and stacks them boho style it makes me pretty excited. Herkimer Diamonds are one of Desiderate Jewellery's specialties and favourite gems.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle wore Herkimer Diamond jewellery to Princess Eugenie's wedding bringing substantial attention to the gem and I find it really refreshing to see her loving these relatively inexpensive crystals, (compared to traditional diamonds).


She looked radiantly beautiful and happy and it was great to see her stacking the rings up like that, seriously, I love the way she put it together.

She wore four rings, earrings and a bracelet, proving that anyone can rock the boho style, even a royal. 

Renée Scialdo Shevat, owner and operator of the Herkimer Diamond Mines, said that Meghan was drawn to the Herkimer Diamonds for three reasons, the organic value of the gemstones and “how purposeful these diamonds are in the international marketplace.”

I personally find it exciting that she understands the organic value and loves the way they look.

Herkimer Diamonds aren't actually diamonds in the traditional sense, they are double-terminated quartz crystals found in Herkimer County, USA. The clear crystals are found in the rock  and are diamond like shaped naturally and are mined ethically, above ground and are close to five hundred million years old.

 A true diamond has to be cut to give it the diamond shape and smooth surfaces where as a Herkimer Diamond is naturally formed that way.

Traditional diamonds are the hardest stone there is measuring in at a 10 on the hardness scale and Herkimer Diamonds come in at 7.5 so not far off.

We have a beautiful collection of Herkimer Diamond jewellery and are currently making new earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets which will be finished in a week or two, in time for Christmas gifts.

A big thank you to Meghan Markle for wearing Herkimer Diamond jewellery and letting the world in on the secret of these magnificent gems.

If you'd like to see our collection of these exquisite gems which are all ethically mined and ethically handmade please click on any of the images.

To read more about Herkimer Diamonds read this article I wrote about them by clicking HERE

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  • Lisa

    OMG how beautiful are these gems and Meghan is a champ I got a ring and earrings from you they are beautiful

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