National Jewellery Day

National Jewellery Day

Is there a Inernational Jewellery Day?

March 13th is the day to celebrate all things jewellery all over the world, it's called National Jewel Day, National Jewellery Day and International Jewelery Day depending on where you are. 

International Jewellery day is the day to show all the jewels some special attention, from the jewellery you love and wear daily, the pieces you save for special occasions and those jewels with sentimental meaning.

It's a day to remember the pieces that haven't seen the outside of your jewellery box for a while, let them out and see them shine.

It's also a day to celebrate the jewellery designers, jewellery makers and jewellery store owners.

How to Celebrate National Jewel Day?

National Jewellery Day is a perfect excuse to buy yourself that ring you've had your eye on for ages. On Jewel Day Treat yourself to the earrings you love, you know they'll make you smile every time when you wear them. That necklace you've had a hankering for? The bangles you really shouldn't be without?

Well ... it's not every day you can use the rationale of a national day for the treat is it?

Not that you ever need an excuse of course, in fact I believe every day should be Jewel Day. Long live the clang of bangles.

What is National Jewellery Day?

It's a day to embrace the beauty of your baubles, the splendour of sparkle and adorn yourself with accessories. Bring your favourite pieces out for a day of celebration and slap on the bling.
Jewel Day isn't a day for restraint, it's all about more is more and bring on the bling.
That antique heirloom ring you have isn't getting any younger is it and there'll never be a better time to let it see the light of day so pull it out and take it for a spin and let it sparkle and shine.

What is International Jewelry Day?

A day to give or receive jewellery, buy it for yourself or surprise someone with a jewellery gift. Remember Diamonds aren't always a girls best friend, there's also Rubies, Pearls, Turquoise, Amethyst ... and need I go on?

It's the day to wear your favourite jewels, compliment someone on theirs and share the love for shine.

What to do on Jewel Day?

Apart from wearing, buying and gifting jewellery today, take photos and share them on your socials. Give a shout out to the designer, the person who gave it to you or to someone who'll understand why it takes your breath away.

Why not ask a stranger about a piece of jewellery she's wearing, there's always a story behind it and re-living that just might make her day. Don't stop at strangers though, ask a friend or colleague and deepen the connection between you.

Sometimes we buy jewellery as a reward for an achievement, like the diamond pendant I bought my daughter when she finished university, sometimes it's for a birthday or a christmas gift and I bet there's very few people who have  never given their mum jewellery for mother's day.

We buy jewellery as a consolation when something doesn't go our way and a celebration when it does.

A fun way to recognise Jewelry Day and do a bit of team bonding is to ask everyone to wear a favourite piece to work and spend a couple of minutes each talking about why it's important or the story behind it.

Is there a National Jewel Day in Australia?

Jewel Day is a worldwide celebration of all things glittery and gorgeous. Jewellery day is recognised on March 13 in Australia and all over the world.

Are you familiar with your birthstone, what it means and any particular powers it may hold? 
Even if you know all about it I'm sure there's a skerrick of something more to learn about what makes your birthstone uniquely amazing and Jewellery Day is undeniably an appropriate day to research it.

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Spend the day enjoying all the jewels and appreciating how important pieces are to people. There's a good reason that jewellery has been one of the most popular gifts during the course of history.

Happy Jewel Day. I can't think of a better reason to get yourself some ne goodies and choose jewellery gifts for others.

Go and spread that glittery goodness around.

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