The Mother’s Day Gift You Didn’t See Coming

The Mother’s Day Gift You Didn’t See Coming

For The Mum Who Has Everything, We Have You Covered.

The Mother’s Day struggles are real. As a Mum, you just hope that you get more than 5 minutes to yourself and that everyone is going to be behaved for one day of the year. As a son, daughter or Dad tasked with the “Mummy Day Present” duties, you dread hunting for that perfect gift that says “I love you”.

There have been many a folk before you struggle with this task and there will be many more to follow. So what do you get Mum for Mother’s Day and how do you know they will actually like it?

Thankfully, we’re in the business industry that feeds a woman’s desire to look great and feel great. And the best part, our gifts don’t wilt and die after a week or add extra kilos to the waistline. Now that’s what we call ticking all the boxes.

For The Mum Who Loves a Good Hoop

 Husband’s this one will send you straight to the good books guaranteed. One of our most popular designs, Under The Sun Lustre Hoop is a stunningly classic earring that will be Mum’s go to hoop for years to come. If your Mum (or wife) loves to look stylish in a good hoop earring, but isn’t over the top in her accessories, then this hoop is the perfect meet in the middle statement piece.





A Gift From The Kiddies

Kids love to give gifts almost as much as they love receiving them. There is something exciting about keeping a secret and kids love to think they can do this… even though we know they can’t! Dependant on how many kids need to buy a present for Mum, maybe you could package them up with one of our gift set collections. Separate the set so each child can gift Mum a piece from the collection. The only arguments you will have is who is going to give Mum the necklace, the ring and the bracelet?



The Mum With Everything

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say “My Mum has everything, I have no idea what to get her” I wouldn't be making jewellery. Actually, I probably would still be making jewellery because I love it too much, but I’d probably just be living in a much bigger house on a very nice beach! For the Mum who has everything, I can almost assure you Mum won’t have any these pieces because they are part of our new collection. Our pick of the month is the Summer Moonlight collection with luxurious Mabe Pearls encased in Silver. Simply stunning!

Summer Moonlight Necklace and Earrings. Lustrous Mabe Pearl in shiny sterling silver


The Mother Of Pearls

Got a mother in law you need to buy a gift for? I always find pearls to be a winner when it comes to the MIL and even my own Mum. There is always something traditional about a good pearl that our Mums seem to swarm over. Now, I know what you are thinking, you’re picturing a chain of pearls akin to 1920. No, not here my friends. Our pearl necklaces are so modern in design you’ll be wanting one for yourself, check out our Under The Sun Double Sea Pearl Pendant and you’ll see what I mean! And why not really cement yourself in the MIL good books with a pair of Under The Sun Pearl Stud earrings to really make her feel extra special! (Our Under The Sun Pearl range comes in a range of gorgeous colours)

pearl studs in sterling silver gift for Mum

Still Can’t Decide?

Never fear, we’ve got your back with a Gift Card option that will take the guesswork out of all of it. Set Mum up with a coffee and muffin, take the kids out and let her wonder our virtual store in the comfort of her PJ’s. Honestly, you will be ticking more than just the gift box with this one.

I Barely Have 50 Cents To My Name

Don’t feel bad, we all have those days where we literally can’t scrap $2 together. The best gift you can give Mum in this instance is the gift of peace and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, we Mum’s love our kids, but there comes a time when you just need 5 minutes to yourself. Take the kids out for the afternoon and let Mum have a movie and wine day and you will be talked about for years to come. A word of warning, this may have an addictive effect on your wife!

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