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The Ultimate Guide To Birthstone Necklaces

Looking for a birthstone necklace? Whether it’s for mum, sister, wife, daughter, niece or friend, we’ve got a stunning range of birthstone necklaces. 

A birthstone necklace is a gorgeous personalised gift that she’ll love. 

But first, what birthstone corresponds with each month? 

January - garnet 

February - amethyst 

March - aquamarine 

April - diamond or white topaz 

May - emerald 

June - Pearl 

July Ruby 

August - Peridot

September - Sapphire 

October- Opal 

November - Citrine 

December - Turquoise 

January birthstone necklaces: properties of garnet 

Garnet is an energising and revitalising stone, used to boost energy levels. (And who doesn’t need that?)  It provides strength, vitality, motivation, making it useful when you’re exhausted after a long day of parenting, working or cleaning! 

Wearing garnet as a birthstone necklace will help you feel more connected to the present moment and feel more mindful and balanced. 

The deep red of the garnet is the colour of passion, so it can enhance feelings of love, desire and creative expression. So January baby, wear it if you want to get lucky! 

It’s also a protective stone, helping safeguard you from negative energy and psychic attacks. So definitely wear it to work if you’re having a hard time with toxic colleagues for a dose of inner strength, courage and resilience.  

Garnet is connected to the root chakra, at the base of the spine. This gives you a stronger connection to your body, promoting groundedness, stability and security. 

Shop January birthstone necklaces 

 Mahtava Garnet Pendant


 Bold Garnet Pendant



Bijou Garnet pendant



Garnet Trilogy Pendant



 Famous women born in January with garnet as their birthstone

Diane Keaton, January 5 

Catherine, Princess of Wales, January 9 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, January 13  

Michelle Obama, January 17

Dolly Parton, January 19

Ellen Degeneres, January 26 

Oprah Winfrey, January 29


February birthstone necklaces: properties of amethyst 

The gorgeous purples of amethyst are associated with spirituality and so help enhance your spiritual awareness. If you are a fan of meditation, be sure to wear your amethyst birthstone necklace during practice. 

Fear of flying? Our founder and jewellery designer Janine always wears amethyst when she files, for a calming energy, helping to reduce stress and ease anxiety. Or just wear it when you’re facing anxiety-inducing events or difficult conversations to help you stay calm and collected. 

Many customers swear that amethyst can help with sleep — so try it for a restful and tranquil night. It’s also known to be protective, so it’s useful for giving you a protective shield, which can be handy for the next family gathering and warding off those difficult relatives who know how to push your buttons. 

If you are ever feeling uncertain about the future or confused about how to gain direction in life, amethyst can help you find clarity. Keep your amethyst birthstone necklace by your heart and journal about the challenges you face and the potential actions you can take. The amethyst will give you the intuitive insights you’re seeking to find the right path. 

We’re not saying you should skip medical advice, but many turn to amethyst to help overcome addictions, giving you help in releasing unhealthy patterns, promoting strength and supporting your healing process. 

Amethyst is linked to the crown chakra, at the top of the head. The stunning purple hues bring stimulation and balance, facilitating spiritual connection and a sense of higher consciousness. 

Purple is the colour of royalty so wear your amethyst when you want to feel like a queen! 


Amethyst Mahtava Pendant



Amethyst trilogy pendant



Bold amethyst pendant



Bijou Amethyst Pendant



Famous women born in February with amethyst as their birthstone

Christie Brinkley, February 2

Natalie Imbruglia, February 4 

Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, February 6 

Jennifer Aniston, February 11

Jane Seymour, February 15 

Drew Barrymore, February 22

March birthstone necklaces: properties of aquamarine 

The calm soft blue hues of aquamarine are known for its ability to soothe and calm your emotions. It can help reduce your stress, fear or anxiety, and promote peace and tranquillity. 

And if you’re trying to give up old bad habits, wear your aquamarine daily while you’re building positive new neural pathways. If you’re facing a difficult conversation or writing a tricky report, email or proposal, aquamarine will help you harness your creative flair and clear communication skills. 

Being too hard on yourself? Aquamarine can help you promote self compassion and forgiveness and help calm imposter syndrome or that negative voice in your head. If you’re facing challenging times, aquamarine can help bring you support, composedness, inner courage and resilience. 

Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra, making it representative of communication and self expression. It aids in clear and authentic communication and conversations, so keep it around your neck when you need to speak your truth. 



Bold aquamarine pendant



Mahtava Aquamarine Pendant



Trilogy Aquamarine Pendant



Bijou Aquamarine Pendant



Famous women born in March with aquamarine as their birthstone

Rebel Wilson, March 2 

Sharon Stone, March 10

Reese Witherspoon, March 22

Lady Gaga, March 28 

Sarah Jessica Parker, March 29 

Elle Macpherson, March 29 

Celine Dion, March 30 


April birthstone necklaces: properties of herkimer diamond 

April birthday and on a budget? White topaz is a lovely alternative to diamond birthstone necklaces as they are much more affordable. White topaz is a lovely investment piece because it matches many other gemstones with its clear, bright sparkle. 


Just like the clear translucence of the stone, white topaz gives you clarity, and frees you from illusions. If you suspect someone is not trustworthy, wearing white topaz as your birthstone necklace is said to help the truth reveal itself. It’s also known to foster peace, serenity and calm when you need to make important decisions. 


Bold White Topaz



White Topaz Trilogy Pendant



Mahtava White Topaz Pendant



XL Mahtava White Topaz Pendant


April birthstone necklaces: properties of Herkimer diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are your ideal gemstone for healing, energising and increased psychic power.  Given the name ‘diamond’ because of their natural faceting and clarity, they’re found in and around Herkimer County, New York. Known to the indigenous nations of the USA, these dazzling stones are actually double-terminated quartz crystals. They formed this way over 500 million years due to very little contact with their host rock. The rough and natural appearance of the Herkimer diamond is modern, edgy and beautiful. They soared in population in 2018 when Meghan Markle was spotted wearing Herkimer diamond jewellery

Herkimer diamonds help bring your true inner self to the fore, letting your natural strengths shine, and helping you crack any polished veneer you might have worn previously. 

If you want to increase your spiritual connection or insight, Herkimer diamonds are a great choice. They’ll give you clarity or help aid psychic visions—or even daydreams. Wearing them as a birthstone necklace while you journal on your goals will help the manifestation process. Some say they help you experience more vivid dreams too—give it a try. 



Peace Within Herkimer Diamond Pendant



Boho Bling Herkimer Diamond Pendant



Herkimer Diamond Pendant with Citrine



Herkimer Diamond Allure Necklace



Famous women born in June with diamond or white topaz as their birthstone

Emma Thompson, April 15 

Emma Watson April 15 

Jennifer Garner, April 17 

Jessica Lange, April 20 

Ash Barty, April 24

Shirley MacLaine, April 24

Barbra Streisand, April 24

Michelle Pfeiffer, April 29 


May birthstone necklaces: properties of emerald

Ah the lady luck birthstone of Ireland is the beautiful green emerald! Not only is emerald a lovely birthstone necklace if you are born in May, it can also be a nod to your Irish heritage (if you have it - and 2 million Aussies do.)

The lush green tones of emeralds are said to bring vitality and growth, and it is also known for bringing you down from a slump. So if you are feeling a little blue, green emeralds are the answer. Wear your emerald birthstone necklace when you need a little pick-me-up (for the Desiderate team, that’s pretty much every day).  

Emerald is also the stone of commitment, so if you want to build a stronger connection with someone and show them they care, then an emerald birthstone necklace will show your faith and fidelity. Many believe that emeralds can help bring you luck, so  wear it while getting your tattslotto numbers, and be sure to tell us if you win the jackpot! We know just the place to spend your winnings, too.  ;)



Natural Emerald Pendant



Bold Emerald Pendant



Emerald Quartz Mahtava Pendant



Emerald Quartz Trilogy Pendant



Famous women born in May with emerald as their birthstone

Adele, May 5 

Candice Bergen, May 9 

Janet Jackson, May 15 

Cher, May 20 

Cate Blanchett, May 14 

Helena Bonham Carter, May 26

Stevie Nicks, May 26 

Kylie Minogue, May 28 

June birthstone necklaces: properties of pearl 

The beautiful sheen of a pearl is reminiscent of the moon, the planet ruling Cancer, which mostly falls in June, so it makes sense that the pearl is also the birthstone for June. 

Pearls are a classic symbol of elegance, so if you are lucky to be born in June then you can enjoy the timeless style of the pearl birthstone necklace. Wearing pearls close to your heart is said to bring joy, peace and calm. It’s also the stone of royalty, and both Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth were often seen wearing glamorous pearls. Nowadays Princess Cathering is often seen wearing a strand of pearls too, so wear yours to embrace your inner royalty! 


3 princess

Pearls symbolise friendship, faithfulness and happiness and are the ultimate symbol of femininity. Wear your pearl birthstone necklace to embrace your feminine powers of intuition, build your connections with loved friends and bring more happiness into your everyday life. (We’d argue that all jewellery makes you happy, not just pearls!) 

Pearls are also known to deepen spiritual practice so they are lovely to wear in prayer, meditation, yoga, breathwook and journaling, to give you more insight and illumination on the best path to take. 


Floating Pearl Necklace



Fleeting Moments Pearl Necklace



Baroque Beauty Volere Necklace



Baroque Tahitian Pearl Necklace



Famous women born in June with pearl as their birthstone 

Heidi Klum, June 1 

Angelina Jolie, June 4 

Natalie Portman, June 9 

Kathleen Turner, June 19 

Nicole Kidman, June 20

Meryl Streep, June 22 

Mindy Kaling, June 24

July birthstone necklaces - Ruby 

The bold tones of the classic red is a magnificent, look-at-me type of gemstone. Who can resist that gorgeous red glow? If you’re born in July, you’re lucky to have ruby as your birthstone, and wearing a ruby birthstone necklace will celebrate your passions, help foster prosperity and ward off negativity. 

If your mind is chattering away with unwanted thoughts and negative energies, wearing a ruby birthstone necklace may help bring you more inner peace and positive thinking. So if you ever get ‘stuck in your head’ let ruby sit by your heart to still foolish, unhelpful thoughts. 

Of course that glittering, sexy red colour cannot help but be associated with love, energy, ambition and passion! So if you have lost track of your ambitions or goals in life, ruby will help fire you up and bring a pep back into your step. Just like its colour red, it represents motivation, action, power, prosperity and achievement. Of course, we actually have to take action to manifest these things into reality for our life, but ruby might just give us the kickstart we need. 



Dainty Ruby Necklace



Bold Red Ruby Pendant



Ruby Pendant - Mahtava Collection



Ruby Trilogy Pendant




 Famous women born in July with ruby as their birthstone

Pamela Anderson, July 1 

Margot Robbie, July 2 

Sofia Vergara, July 10 

Selena Gomez, July 22

Jennifer Lopez, July 24 

Sandra Bullock, July 26 

Helen Mirren, July 26 


August birthstone necklaces - Peridot

The delicate soft green of peridot is utterly lush! Peridot is known for its qualities of success, luck and peace. So really—you need it every day! If you have any kind of anxiety, especially for an important event, peridot can help soothe your nerves. It’s also great if you are feeling a bit troubled, so if you’re recovering from a tough time or a big change in life, peridot can give you a dose of positivity and harmony. And it’s a good stone for a darn good time, so wear it to make time with friends extra special. Plus it’s said that the olive green peridot, because it mimics the colour of healthy leafy greens, can help us in the digestion of nutrients from our foods (not sure how, but we’ll take it.) 

Egyptian queen Cleopatra was known for adorning herself with peridot, so if it’s good enough for the one of the most iconic female leaders of all time, it's enough for us too! Peridot is connected to the heart chakra, helping you open yourself to the divine love of the universe. And if that is not enough, peridot is also known as the ‘study stone’ because of its reputation for helping with focus, memory and concentration. 



Bold Peridot Pendant



Bijou Peridot Pendant



Peridot Mahtava Pendant



Peridot Trilogy Pendant


Famous women born in August with peridot as their birthstone

Charlize Theron, August 7 

Melanie Griffith, August 9

Halle Berry,  August 14 

Madonna, August 16 

Kim Cattrall, August 21 

Blake Lively, August 25 

Jennifer Coolidge, August 28


September birthstone necklaces - Sapphire

The classic royal blue shades of sapphires are unmatched in elegance, style and sophistication. So it makes sense that our two September babies, charming Libras and understated Virgos should have sapphire as their lovely birthstone. 

Sapphire packs a punch, as it embodies the qualities of strength, healing, truth and integrity. Wear it if you need to deal with toxic people, to help you see clearly, give you strength to assert boundaries and speak your truth. It’s also great for recovering from illness, getting over the blues or when you need a dose of tranquillity. 

Sapphire is the stone of wisdom, so it’s perfect to wear when studying, attending exams, going for a job interview, presenting at work or facing a tricky meeting with colleagues who have their own secret or even harmful agendas. You can even use an affirmation to give you extra positivity. Touch the sapphire birthstone necklace you’re wearing and say (or think) “Sapphire, help protect me from negative comments or behaviour today.” And whenever you need a dose of extra power, touch your sapphire jewellery and allow the strength to flow through you. 



Bold Sapphire Quartz Pendant



Sapphire Quartz Pendant - Mahtava Collection



Sapphire Trilogy Pendant



Famous women born in September with sapphire as their birthstone 

Beyonce, September 4

Michelle Williams, September 9 

Catherine Zeta Jones September 25 

Gwenyth Paltro, September 27 

Naomi Watts, September 28 

Julia Gillard, September 29 


October birthstone necklaces - Opal 

Pretty, glittery, iridescent opals seem to hold a multitude of mysteries in their sparkly depths. And they are varied in colours, from dark hues, brilliant whites, bright blues, deep greens and pretty pinks - there are many opals for every occasion. Most of the world's opals come from Australia, so it’s a lovely birthstone necklace to celebrate your Australian heritage or connection. 

If you want to amplify or call in anything to your life, opal is the gemstone of manifestation and abundance. It also helps give you security—over your thoughts, your feelings and your safety around others, harnessing your gut instinct that just tells you when someone’s not being real with you. If you need an extra dose of confidence, opals can help. Opals are known to absorb your positive feelings and magnify them back to you, so they help with the law of attraction. 

Different coloured opals have varying qualities: 

  • black and boulder opals: stability, protection, groundedness
  • orange and yellow: passion, fertility and pleasure 
  • pink opals: open heartedness, love and trust 
  • green opals: banish jealousy and resentment 
  • blue opals: truth, communication and conversation



Boulder Opal Pendant



Australian Opal Necklace



Famous women born in October with opal as their birthstone

Julie Andrews, October 1 

Gwen Stefani, October 3

Susan Sarandon, October 4

Kim Kardashian, October 21 

Kate Winslet, October 5 

Julia Roberts, October 28 

Winona Ryder, October 29  


November birthstone necklaces - Citrine 

Citrine’s yellow sparkle in a pendant is like wearing a ray of sunshine around your neck. The pretty, happy, jubilant yellow shades are simply beautiful. The sparkly golden shimmer of citrine is certain to give you a dose of positivity. 

It's believed all those happy vibes deliver healing qualities too. If you’re feeling a bit glum, turn to your citrine birthstone necklace for a dose of joy and optimism. We all know that positive thinking is the key to a positive life, and citrine can help if 

Also known as the stone of creative inspiration, citrine is your go-to gem for any creative or artistic project. And it's the go-for-it stone—ideal for activating action and helping you achieve your goals. 

Citrine is associated with solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra, helping us stay grounded while owning our power, standing strong and setting boundaries, despite what life throws at us. 



Bijou Citrine Pendant



Bold Citrine Pendant



Herkimer Diamond Pendant with Citrine



Citrine Trilogy Pendant


Famous women born in November with citrine as their birthstone

Toni Colette, November 1

Sally Field, November 6 

Emma Stone, November 6 

Delta Goodrem, November 9 

Whoopi Goldberg, November 13 

Meg Ryan, November 19 

Goldie Hawn, November 21 

Jamie Lee Curtis, November 22 


December birthstone necklaces - Turquoise 

The bright blue turquoise has a summery, beachy feel, making it ideal for December birthstones in the southern hemisphere, when it’s summer, and Christmas. It’s a time for hot weather, lots of end of year and festive parties and hot days on the beach, followed by balmy winter nights. And for the ultimate boho beachy look, look no further than a turquoise birthstone pendant. 

Turquoise is the stone of empowerment, so wear your birthstone necklace when you need to be your biggest, baddest self—it’s perfect for high conflict situations, like stressful business meetings, or even dinner with dramatic family members. There’s one troublemaker in every family, right? Wear your turquoise to protect you from their negative energy and arm you with a sense of inner calm and tranquillity. It’s also good for protection if you are nervous about flying in planes! 

It’s also a great creativity booster, so use it to tap into inner wisdom and get those good ideas flowing. Turquoise is the stone of friendship, so if you have a December BFF, get her a turquoise birthstone necklace to represent your connection. 


Freeform Turquoise Pendant



Dainty Turquoise Necklace



Tiny Gemstone Pendant



Grande Pendant - Turquoise


Famous women born in December with turquoise as their birthstone

Britney Spears December 2

Lucy Liu, December 2 

Julianne Moore, December 3 

Judi Dench, December 9 

Taylor Swift, December 13 

Jane Fonda, December 21 

Maggie Smith, December 28

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