What does Desiderate Mean?

What does Desiderate Mean?


I probably thought that I was being clever, I chose a word I love that had the meaning of everything I wanted Desiderate Jewellery to be for you.

People often don't know how to pronounce, or spell it, or remember it though ...

The thought behind it is that when you fall in love with a particular gem, a bangle, a ring, earrings, necklace or whatever it is that takes your fancy ... That you want it. I mean REALLY want it!

It's more than a mere yearning, it's an infatuation, a passion... you hunger for it... you NEED it!

Desiderate means that. It's actually really easy to pronounce
De - sid - er - ate

And it means to want, to desire, to have to have ...

And it's not that hard to remember once you know how to say it...

De - sid - er - ate

Go on, you try it...  Say it out loud ....Got it?

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