Why You Need Hoops for 2018

Why You Need Hoops for 2018


What makes hoops so appealing? Well for starters, they’re easy to pair with anything, from off the shoulder tops to maxi dresses to a tailored business style. You can even wear a pair with your swimmers while chilling at the beach! There’s a good reason why hoop earrings are back in fashion, they are a classic, they have simply never gone out of style.

Just like a pair of black sunglasses or a white shirt, hoop earrings are an accessory that you need in your wardrobe. They are so easy to wear! Just throw on a pair of hoop earrings and you are immediately on trend.

Depending on how you style them, they can be dressed up or down, perfect for a night out or just to get coffee. And the good part is that they’re super difficult to get wrong, because they look good with virtually anything. From a slinky night time number to jeans and a T shirt, any outfit works with hoops.

Aren’t all hoop earrings the same?

Not anymore! While hoops may have once been only available as standard thin metal in the perfect shape of a circle, now they come in heaps of unique styles. We’ve gotten innovative with the classic shape and added extra details to make them unique and original.

My favourite pair for every day is our Under The Sun Lustre Hoops. They feature a gorgeous pearl on a sterling silver hoop and the smaller sizes are discreet enough to wear on the school run, shopping or to work. (I like the large size when I’m feeling a bit more  adventurous)

My other favourite pair are the Bliss Tassel Hoops – also from Desiderate Under The Sun Collection. With the addition of a tassel and a lustrous pearl we’ve taken classic sterling silver hoops to the next level. With the choice of sizes in both of these original Desiderate designs you choose the size for the occasion. 

Hoops don’t necessarily have to be super large and graze your shoulders, they just have to feel comfortable on you and make you feel confident in what you’re wearing. That’s the most important thing, after all.

Ways to wear hoop earrings ..

To get a boho-chic look team your hoops with lots of bracelets and rings to complete the style, the bohemian, gypsy style is all about layering and wearing lots of pieces together. Hoops that work well for this style are Under The Sun Lustre Hoops, Bliss Tassel Hoops, Inner Circle Drops, Bohemian Soul Hoops and Bohemian Soul Aztec Hoops.

For a timelessly classic look wear tiny hoops, not so much a statement but a rather cool addition to your outfit. Perfect for a professional setting or school. Smaller more discreet earrings are stylish and elegant and will never go out of style.

For a modern chic look go for a pair of Fine Circle Hoops, these are a geometric shape and sleek, stylish and minimalist, appropriate for everyday wear.

To mix it up a bit try a pair of Bohemian Soul Dreamer Drops which are a drop style earring with a hoop on the bottom, perfect for the boho-chic look.

Like any statement earrings, hoops draw the eye to your face and because of their circular shape they really compliment your cheekbones, your jaw and they help define your features. (If you’ve put on a few kilos over Christmas, keeping eyes on your face, isn’t a bad thing!)


We encourage you to think outside the circle and choose hoops boasting features like pearls and tassels, interesting textures, spikes, colours and more. With that in mind, shop our favourite hoop earrings at www.desiderate.com.au NOW!


  • Tracey

    Very informative article, I find the fashion tips very helpul and will go and have a good look at all of your hoop earrings now.

  • Patricia

    I love hoops. Thanking you for the advice on how to wear them, I have your hoops with pearls on them and love them! I think I’ll try some small ones for work and I like those tassly hoops.

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