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Desiderate - wearing solid red jade bangle
solid red jade bangle - Desiderate
Desiderate - bangle - red jade
Desiderate - bangles - solid red jade

Eternal Strength Solid Red Jade bangle

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Solid. Substantial. Stunning

Our exquisite  solid red jade bangle is a true masterpiece that demands attention and exudes timeless elegance. With a width of 15mm, this bangle makes a substantial statement, designed to leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

Crafted with utmost precision and care, this solid Red Jade Bangle showcases the natural beauty and vibrant hue of the glorious gemstone. The rich red colour embodies strength, passion, and good fortune, making it an ideal accessory for those seeking to make a bold style statement.

The impressive width of this bangle adds a touch of drama, effortlessly drawing the eye and captivating onlookers with its stunning presence. The solid construction ensures durability, allowing you to enjoy this remarkable piece for years to come.

Whether worn alone as a striking statement piece or combined with other bangles for a fashionable stack, this Red Jade Bangle is versatile and adaptable to any occasion. From casual outings to elegant soirées, it effortlessly elevates your style with its undeniable beauty and undeniable impact.

Please be aware that as a natural stone colours vary.

  • 15 MM Wide
  • 9 MM Thick
  • Weight 65-72 Grams (depending on wrist size)
  • Red Jade Agate

 *Be careful with your Jade Bangle! Jade sit's on the Moh's scale at 6-7 meaning it's a relatively soft stone and can break if you drop it on a tiled floor for example.

The belief is that if you break your jade bangle it means that you've used up all the  stones beneficial energy.This is a natural stone so variations of colour and inclusions will be present. Every piece is uniquely beautiful.

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Our Jade Bangle's are made with natural, untreated Nephrite Jade. Our nephrite jade is sourced in several locations around the world. You can tell if jade is real by putting it against your cheek, real jade will feel cool and if you try to scratch real jade with your fingernail, it won't scratch.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gorgeous. I love it

It's so pretty. When I went looking online to buy a red agate/ red Jade bangle, I found many sellers on Etsy, and other online stores. They were some cheaper and some more expensive. But what made me buy from desiderate is the fact that they are a local business and a family run business. I trusted Desiderate to be authentic. And I am absolutely happy with my purchase. I love it. I wish they would have offered a smaller size bangle (I bought S, the smallest size offered) so that it would have been a bit more snug for me but I still absolutely love it. The colour is gorgeous in person and even better than the photos. The photo makes it look thinner than it actually is. It's got a nice curve and thickness.

Dustan Cox
Beautiful bangle!

This was a surprise gift for my partner who is Chinese and knows jade very well, she loved this solid red jade bangle. I guessed incorrectly on the size and hope that I can exchange it for the smallest size and expect to pay shipping both ways on the exchange. This is a beautiful piece and I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase!