Ametrine Mahtava Ring - Desiderate
wearing ametrine ring
Holding ametrine ring
Ametrine Mahtava Ring - Desiderate
Ametrine ring - Desiderate - Side view
Ametrine Mahtava Ring - Desiderate
Ametrine ring - Desiderate

Ametrine Mahtava Ring

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Glorious. Gorgeous. Graceful. 

Our bestselling Mahtava range has a new princess in town, and she’s magical! This ametrine ring delight captures curiosity at every turn. As the light catches her sparkle, you’ll notice her colours transform, from purple hues to yellow shades, she seems to have a cacophony of smoky colour in her depths. 

Ametrine is a rare quartz stone that displays the purple of amethyst with the yellow of citrine; what a dramatic combination! The shades are soft, balanced and nuanced, even throwing a touch of grey on certain angles. However you look at her, she’s utterly captivating. 

As a gemstone, ametrine is a naturally occurring combination of amethyst and citrine, powerfully combining the properties of both stones. It is said to symbolise inner strength, harmony and energy for the wearer. Pop her on when you are feeling stressed, emotional, drained, or in need of a creativity boost. The amethyst is used for relieving tension while the citrine promotes positivity and attracts money, making it a powerful combination. 

The soft hues of the ametrine contrast beautifully with the sheen of the sterling silver band. The half-bevel cut allows light to flow through the glittering stone. 

  • Facet cut ametrine 
  • 13 x 18MM stone 
  • High quality sterling silver 
  • Handcrafted
  • The band is 10MM at the front and 6MM at the narrowest point at the back 
  • Birthstone for February and November 
  • Aligned to Pisces and Sagittarius

This is a natural stone that has been heat-treated to minimise imperfections and enhance colour. Please note this is a natural stone so size, shape and colour will vary and minor inclusions may be present. (Inclusions are natural cracks that form within the stone, making your piece completely unique.)

Wear it with the matching Ametrine Mahtava pendant and Ametrine Mahtava earrings

Check our size guide or our blog for more help measuring your ring size.

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