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Boho Bliss Herkimer Diamond Ring

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Unique. Raw. Boho

The Boho Bliss Herkimer Diamond Ring is a unique fusion of raw beauty and bohemian elegance. Handcrafted with love, this ring is a captivating trio of ethically sourced Herkimer Diamonds set in a sterling silver slightly adjustable band.

This herkimer diamond ring is a one-of-a-kind piece that embodies the essence of raw, uncut crystals. The trio of Herkimer Diamonds, each with its own distinctive shape and inclusions, creates a mesmerising cluster that captures the spirit of boho-style bling. The adjustable size ensures a perfect fit for fingers sized 6 - 13.

This is designed for the free spirits and lovers of all things unique. If you're drawn to unconventional beauty and appreciate the raw authenticity of crystals, the Boho Bliss ring is crafted just for you. Inspired by the trend Megan Markle sparked, this piece is a favourite among those who seek elegance with an edge.

Wearing the Boho Bliss Herkimer Diamond Trio Cluster Ring is like adorning yourself with a piece of the earth's magic. The raw and uncut crystals speak to the untamed beauty within, empowering you with a sense of authenticity and connection. Experience the subtle energy of Herkimer Diamonds enhancing your intuition and clairvoyant abilities, creating a harmonious balance within.

This versatile ring effortlessly transitions from casual gatherings to boho-chic affairs. Whether you're exploring a weekend market, attending a music festival, or adding a touch of mystique to your everyday style, the perfectly imperfect ring complements every occasion with its raw elegance.

Embrace the magic of Herkimer Diamonds and make a statement that's as unique as you are. Hurry, as these pieces fly off the shelves.

They look fabulous with our Herkimer Diamond Bracelet here  and with our Boho Bling Earrings

  • Sterling Silver
  • Natural Herkimer Diamonds
  • Ethically Handcrafted
  • Slightly Adjustable size

*Please note that this is a natural stone so size, shape and colour will vary and inclusions are present.
(inclusions are natural cracks and colours that form within the stone)


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