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Jade Bangle

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Captivating. Fascinating. Exotic

Legend has it that wearing a jade bangle provides good luck and protection and is often worn on the left wrist as it's closer to your heart. The spiritual powers of positive energy, love and luck will be with you whichever wrist you choose to wear it on.

The gentle green colour suits all skin tones and can be worn daily to work or play as well as to a more formal event. Some people use an oil like baby oil to slide the bangle on and off and this won't damage the bangle, in fact, you can use oil as a polish for it, simply apply oil and buff it off with a soft cloth.

Jade has a hardness of about 6 - 7 on the mols scale, so it's fairly sturdy. However, you need to care for it, if you drop it on a hard surface like concrete or tiles or give it a good whack against something hard it can break!

If you break your bangle there's no need to fret though, apart from breaking your beautiful bangle, there are no negative energies associated with it breaking. Actually, it's believed that if your jade bangle breaks it has performed its duty of protection and has absorbed any bad energies away from you.

Keep your jade bangle clean by washing it in warm soapy water, rinse and dry. Keep it out of hot water or saunas.

  • Four Sizes
  • 14 MM Wide
  • 9MM Thick
  • Weight Approximately 60 Grams

 *Be careful with your Jade Bangle! Jade sit's on the Moh's scale at 6-7 meaning it's a relatively soft stone and can break if you drop it on a tiled floor for example.

This is a natural stone so variations of colour and inclusions will be present. Every piece is uniquely beautiful.

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Our Jade Bangle's are made with natural, untreated Nephrite Jade. Our nephrite jade is sourced in several locations around the world. You can tell if jade is real by putting it against your cheek, real jade will feel cool and if you try to scratch real jade with your fingernail, it won't scratch.

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