Desiderate - Tennis Bracelet
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Desiderate - Rainbow Gemstone Bracelet
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Vari Gemstone Bracelet

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Luxurious. Lovely. Lavish.

All the colours of the rainbow combine in this brilliant bracelet featuring 23 stunning gemstones. The sparkle on your wrist will catch your eye and we hope you stop to admire it every time. Perhaps it can be a symbol of your triumphs, your loved ones, your anniversaries or perhaps you just love pretty trinkets—no matter why you wear it, you are sure to enjoy every sparkle and shimmer. 

Each oval-cut stone is encased in a safe, secure and stunning bezel setting that allows the bracelet to move fluidly with your wrist. The bezel setting also allows each stone to catch the light. The delicate stones are contrasted beautifully with the gleam of sterling silver to create a mesmerising impact. This is a show-stopping gemstone tennis bracelet.

The stones in this bracelet are:

💛golden citrine — for warmth, creativity and positivity 

💜purple amethyst — for contentment, purity and manifestation

💚pale green prasiolite — for creativity, balance and prosperity 

🩷pink tourmaline — for calmness, preservation and humanitarianism

🖤smoky quartz — for tolerance, protection and groundedness 

This is a high-quality piece that will last a lifetime. And wouldn’t it be lovely to pass on to your children and grandchildren, and make it become a memento that future generations can enjoy too? 

This bracelet features a variety of gemstones sourced from all over the world, which means they cannot be made quickly—so grab yours now while we are still in stock! 

  • 23 gemstone bracelet 
  • bezel setting 
  • high quality sterling silver 
  • secure clasp for maximum strength and security 
  • length 19CM 
  • weight 15grams 
  • each stone measures 6mm by 4mm 
  • designed in Australia 

With its variety of colours, this bracelet matches all your other gemstone jewellery beautifully. It will look lovely alongside other multi-gemstone pieces, like the Amethyst and Peridot drops or the Prasiolite and Pearl Drops or the Rainbow Tutti Ring. 

*Please note that this bracelet features natural stones so size, shape and colour will vary and inclusions may be present. (Inclusions are natural variations & colours that form within the stone making each piece beautifully unique.)

*Vari means colour in Finnish

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