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Don’t call us fat: your guide to choosing plus size rings

Don’t call us fat: your guide to choosing plus size rings 

by Janine Leghissa, founder and head jewellery designer, Desiderate 

Shopping for plus-size rings? As we get older, our ring size tends to increase. Perhaps we have a bit of bloating or enlarged knuckles. Or, like me, you’re just not a size 10 anymore. 😃

Like Mark Darcy tells Bridget Jones: we like you “just as you are.” Not all fifty-year-old women look like Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Aniston. Just because your ring size is a little bigger doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy gorgeous sparkly gemstones. And some of us are just naturally born with bigger hands, fingers and knuckles. So if you are Googling ‘plus size rings Australia’ looking for top-quality, lush designs and rings for big fingers? You are in the right place. 

Our guide for choosing plus size rings covers:

  • how to choose the right ring size 
  • how to wear rings for big fingers 
  • what style of rings work best for large fingers 

What our customers say about rings for ‘fat fingers’ 

We love to get feedback from customers, so we asked a select few VIP customers to share their views on larger ring sizes. Here’s what they told us about plus size rings and why they wear them: 

  • “I like rings with bigger sizes because my hands swell with heat and exercise.” 
    • Margaret, 65, Melbourne 
  • “My old rings don’t fit anymore and instead of feeling bad about it, I decided to treat myself to a sparkly new collection of rings that fit perfectly.” 
    • Jo, 52, Canberra 
  • “After I had three kids, my tiny rings could barely get past the first knuckle, and there’s only so many times I can have things resized. Plus they’re out of date anyway.” 
    • Liz, 54, Gold Coast 
  • “I have swollen joints that make smaller rings hard to wear - so I choose larger ring sizes that are more comfortable.” 
    • Evelyn, 68, Geelong 
  • “I reckon chunky rings are better suited for my fat fingers! My mother told me, ‘large fingers, large rings, small fingers, small rings’, and it’s a rule I live by and agree with.” 
    • Tracy, 52, Perth 

What size is a plus size ring? 

Most people are between a size six and a size ten ring. So a ring is plus size when it’s above size ten. Desiderate’s size range is size five to size thirteen. 

rings for fat fingers

Choosing your ring size can be tricky 

The challenging thing about shopping for plus size rings online is always the size. The last thing you want is having a lovely ring arrive in the mail, only to find that it’s not the right size. Disappointing! And while we make returns as easy and hassle-free as possible, it does take time. So it’s really better to get the size right upfront, first time. 

But we have the solution: our ring sizer tool takes the guesswork out of choosing your ring size. 

Every fan of online jewellery shopping should have one of these in their jewellery box. Just make the ring sizer into a loop, and fit it over your finger. The numbers will indicate your ring size—easy! 

Tips for choosing the right larger ring size

  • If the ring has a delicate band it’s easier to get over your finger. Similarly, a ring with a wide band will be snug, so it’s best to go up a size. 
  • Double check your measurements with the ring sizer as our hands tend to bloat with water retention, exercise or heat — measure on different times of day and weather for best results 
  • Your dominant hand is stronger and likely to be a larger size, so make the mistake of measuring on the other hand and assuming it will fit on both fingers 
  • Your local jewellery may be able to help you measure your finger professionally 
  • Your knuckles need to fit the ring too, so don’t pull the ring sizer tight over your knuckles—practice sliding the ring sizer up and down your entire finger to be sure it can fit over knuckles 

What style plus size ring to choose 

Larger fingers tend to suit larger rings, as smaller delicate pieces can get ‘lost’ and place emphasis on your finger size. Whereas chunkier rings create more balance, so there’s more ring to see and less finger surface area visible. Sparkly statement rings also work well because they draw the eye to the glitter, where as bare hands will show an expanse of skin. Thicker bands help add more balance as well. 

If you have chubby or thick fingers and you want to disguise the width, look for both a thick band and a larger stone. A lengthening cut of stone like an emerald cut will help add dimension. Our bold collection features large emerald cut stones on thick bands and are ideal for chubby thick fingers.

If you have short or stubby fingers, search for bands that are larger and show less skin, particularly on the sides of the stone. A snug fit will cause a bulge on the finger which doesn’t look great. Our wide-cut utopia collection are perfect for shorter or stubbier fingers. 

If you have large hands or knuckles you want to use your rings to add proportion, and yet again, a chunkier look is more balanced for you. The pear-shaped Mahtava rings are brilliant for this, with the wider base and narrower peak giving an elongated teardrop shape.

And any kind of larger fingers will look great with mix-matched stones and ring stacks that draw the eye. The rainbow tutti ring, the stacked trilogy rings and the keshi pearl rings are great for this. Rings with multiple stones do the trick too, like the herkimer diamond trio cluster ring the elizabeth pearl ring and the red coral pebbles ring will look amazing on larger fingers. 

And for sheer size and dramatic effect? Try our recycled glass rings which feature a generous heft of gorgeous recycled glass in a variety of stunning colours. Our herkimer diamond spinner rings, wrap rings and calm sea rings are among the largest in our wide range of rings for bigger fingers.

Our most popular rings EVER for people with big hands  are our Bold Collection - The huge size of the gemstone makes a statement and is big, even on larger hands.

Are you a fan of thumb rings? As your shortest and stockiest finger, your thumb might be overpowered by huge chunks. A rounder elongated shape is best, such as the eclipse rings. 

Are adjustable plus size rings better?  

You might logically think that adjustable ring sizers are helpful because you can change the size to fit your bigger fingers. But most adjustable rings are made to accommodate only a few sizes. And few adjustable rings can accommodate being stretched out to larger sizes. While we do sell some adjustable rings, they really should only be used to change between half-sizes or so. The more you adjust the ring, the weaker it becomes, so adjustable rings are prone to breaking and having stones fall out. 

Because they have no continual band, adjustable rings tend to dig into larger fingers and are more likely to be uncomfortable to wear. Check out our blog on adjustable rings for more information. 

Use our virtual try on tool 

The best way to see how a ring will look on plus size fingers? Try it on virtually! Our new tool helps you try on rings at home before you buy. This is ideal if you have bigger fingers. You’ll be able to see how the ring will sit on your finger and assess the proportions accurately. 

Plus it’s super fun to use! 

  1. choose your preferred ring to try on 
  2. click the ‘try me on’ button
  3. activate the tool on your smartphone or desktop (no extra apps or downloads needed) 
  4. follow the prompts to superimpose the ring on your preferred finger

Check out our virtual try on tool page for more information on how to get started.  

Shop now for plus size rings Australia 

We’ve got an amazing collection of rings for bigger fingers waiting for you to explore.  

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