Wearing pearl jewellery

Moonstone and Pearls are the Birthstones for June

June girls are goddesses.

Beautiful, and greatly desired – just like their gemstones!

June girls are special, just like the queens they share their birthday month with, think Nicole Kidman, Marilyn Monroe, Iggy Azalea, Angelia Jolie and Ariana Grande. 
Known for their big hearts and sarcastic sense of humour, people born in June are rather intuitive and tend to be led by their gut feelings about things, they can smell danger a mile away. Surprisingly secretive about their true emotions though, a June Babe generally takes her time about opening up in front of people only revealing her true feelings in front of people who are extremely close.

What to buy for a June birthday girl?

A gift of Moonstone or Pearl jewellery is a perfect gift for a June birthday girl.

You're a June birthday girl? Then you are a goddess. In love with a June birthday girl? Then you want to find something worthy of your goddess.

With luminous stones of ethereal beauty and legend, Pearl and Moonstone as June gems, that's easy.  Buy a June girl a piece of gemstone jewellery and together with their month’s flower, the rose, you have an outstanding gift.

June girls are classic, powerful, and unmistakable. They are Geminis and Cancerians. June is from the Latin Juno, the Roman mythological goddess who is Queen of the Gods.

A June birthday is your excuse to buy a gemstone birthday gift for yourself or someone else because a gemstone birthday gift symbolises who a June girl is.

June gems are the coolness of the night and the light on the ocean, enchanting rays of the moon, mysterious, enchanting and divine.
Regal, loving and serene - pearls and moonstone


Pearls are beauty and elegance, worn by royalty for thousands of years. Their history of being loved by queens and being at the source of great folklore is legendary. The word pearl is even a metaphor for unique, highly valuable, greatly desired, and rare
Pearls are unique gemstones, they're created in the sea rather than in soil like other gems and are created by a living creature. Pearls aren't cut and polished to maximise their lustrous beauty, they're organically beautiful.

In ancient Chinese mythos pearls gave the wearer protection against flames, fire and even, fire breathing dragons. 

June birthday gifts

Pearl birthday gifts are like the sea and the moon, mysterious, enchanting, and divine. Whether for yourself or a perfect gift idea for someone you care about it, pearls are always an excellent choice. Their beauty never fades and pearls gleam with a special aura in jewellery. The way a pair of pearl earrings glow under lights with a moonlight luminescence gives the wearer a particular type of elegance pearls are cherished for. Pearl jewellery suits all ages and is always in style.

The legends of old

Legend has it that pearls were born from the Earth’s waters and Heavens’ power and ancient Chinese lore links them to dragons, mythical beasts and even mystical raindrops that were turned into something beautiful by oysters. 

They believed for something as simple as an oyster to make something as enrapturing as a pearl, it must have been divinely created.


Moonstones are shrouded in mystique, magic, and romance. Hindu’s believed that moonstones held the power of the moon itself, and the divine feminine. Moonstone jewellery is a beautiful gift idea that is often said to symbolize love and peacefulness. And who would not want to wear the power of the moon?

The power of moonstones includes healing, confidence, fertility, and love. 
Moonstone calms and encourages, teaching us the natural rhythms of life. The energy of Moonstone brings passion and awakes your feminine energies, it can help you find meaning in things and guide you to the path you want to take.
Like the waxing and waning of the moon, it has a tranquil energy that can revitalise your mind and body.

Druids hung moonstones in fruit trees for an abundance of fruit. They were also a sacred gift between lovers.


Moonstones and Space

Moonstones bring us the power and beauty of the moon. They are not just tied to the moon’s rays in power, folklore and looks, they were named the national stone in 1970 to commemorate Nasa’s moon landings. Greatly adding to their moon connection history, mystique and otherworldly ways.

The Geological Institute of America even officially said, "a ghostly sheen moves under the surface of this feldspar [moonstone], like moonlight glowing on water."

Gemstone jewellery gifts
Gemstones captivate the imagination and catch the eye, when set in exquisite jewellery you are wearing this beauty, something queens and goddesses always knew! There is great power and confidence in beauty.

Thoughtfulness shows 

The best birthday gift ideas are ones that show how much thought was involved. Anyone can buy a ‘thing’ but buying something that has meaning, and a personal touch is everything.

Time is so precious because we each have a finite and uncertain amount of it. When someone spends time thinking of another person and the perfect gift for them, like a piece of birthstone jewellery, they did not just gift jewellery, they gave a gift of their time. 

Buy yourself the perfect gift

June girl shopping for herself? You are a June goddess, so you know what you like and what draws your eye. Buy a piece of your birthstone jewellery so you can feel in your own power. Adorn yourself with the beauty you were born to wear.




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