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Peridot is August birthstone and here are some things you may not know about Peridot

As peridot is my personal birthstone I knew that it's supposed to bring the wearer success, good luck and peace and also helps with health, protection and sleep.

They say that wearing peridot jewellery attracts love, soothes nerves and dispels anxiety.

Pretty powerful stuff, but .. these amazing gems have even been found in meteorites.

 What's special about Peridot?

Apparently Peridot, which is the birthstone for August was a favourite stone of Cleopatra and she wore it to ward off evil spirits. Legend has it that her emeralds were actually peridots and although they are different gems they are both green.

Peridots have been called the ‘poor man’s emerald’ because they are less expensive.
It is one of the few gems that only comes in one colour... but the green of the peridot varies from very pale yellowy colour right through deep green tones.

Interesting Things about Peridot

A quirky fact about Peridot is that she's known as the ‘gem of the sun’ by Egyptians and priests used it to keep their minds free from envious thoughts and jealousies concerning the pharaoh’s powers.

Even pirates loved peridot and believed that it protected them against evil and kept them safe from night terrors.

Where does Peridot come from?

Peridot is formed deep in the earth and comes to the surface from volcanoes. On the island of Oahu in Hawaii peridot grains can still be found washed up on shore and according to folklore these tiny pieces of peridot represent the tears of Pele, the goddess of the elements.

What does Peridot mean?

The word peridot is believed to be derived from the French word petriot which means unclear and the French were the first to call the stone peridot in the 18th century.

Quirky facts about Peridot

Early miners used to search for peridot at night because they believed that the crystals were easier to find by the light of the moon and peridot has been mined as a gemstone for around four thousand years and although it’s actually the most difficult gemstone to polish we still can't get enough of the gorgeous peridot.

What to buy for an August birthday gift

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